Stay calm under pressure. You may not be a trauma surgeon, but you can use some of the same coping mechanisms.

While being a human is rarely a stress-free endeavor, this level of anxiety is new for many of us. But for people with the world’s most intense and dangerous jobs—occupations that can involve life-and-death decisions—such tension is a fact of life. We reached out to a few of them to learn about how they cope without freaking out, and to hear what advice they have for the rest of us. From the land to the air to the sea, the terrain—both literal and psychological—these folks navigate can be tough. Here’s what it’s like for Air Traffic Controller Nichole Surunis, Coast Guard Rescue Pilot Jared Carbajal, Fishing Boat Captain Dick Ogg, Trauma Surgeon Daniel Hagler. >click to read< 10:10

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