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Lobster boat capsizes off of Bailey Island

A lobster boat with two people on board capsized off of Bailey Island. According to the Emergency Management Director for the town of Harpswell, Art Howe, an uncle, 60, and his nephew, 15, were in the process of hauling a trap when an unexpected wave hit the boat which caused them to capsize about a mile off of Land’s End on the tip of Bailey Island. >click to read< 18:34

Coast Guard assists four mariners aboard disabled fishing vessel 90 miles off Georgetown, South Carolina

The Coast Guard assisted four mariners aboard their disabled vessel approximately 90 miles Southeast of Georgetown, South Carolina, Friday morning. Sector North Carolina watchstanders received a report from District Seven watchstanders that the good Samaritan vessel Costco Hope had located the 67-foot fishing vessel Morgan Lea that had become disabled due to engine failure and was in need of assistance. >click to read< 16:32

20th anniversary ceremony: Preserving the Memory of Those Lost at Sea in Montauk

It rises up 15 feet, an 8-foot bronze sculpture resting atop a 7-foot granite base. Standing closer to the cliff’s edge than the lighthouse itself, a soaring and sobering reminder of just how tenuous the relationship is between fishermen and waters that both provide a living and claim life without warning. Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous professions on earth, and the memorial, and this Sunday’s October 20 ceremony honoring the 20th anniversary of its completion are a reminder of how closely that danger hits home and how many lives it touches. >click to read< visit lostatseamemorial.org  15:39

Video: Shrimping in South Texas

>click on the image to watch the video< 13:15

East Hampton Candidates Debate Future

The candidates fielded questions on issues ranging from offshore wind and energy sustainability to coastal retreat due to climate change,,, On how the proposed South Fork Wind Farm will affect local fishermen, Mr. Gruber said the Danish firm Orsted, which now owns Deepwater Wind, the original company that got leases and power purchase agreements for the project, knows from its experience in Europe the importance of not locating wind farms in fishing grounds. “If there is displacement [of fishermen] it is compensated as a matter of law,” said Mr. Gruber, adding that the proposed wind farm, is on Cox’s Ledge, “one of the most fertile fishing grounds in the northeast.” >click to read< 11:42

B.C. seafood company pleads guilty to illegally importing fish into the U.S.

A British Columbia seafood seller has admitted to illegally importing into the U.S. thousands of pounds of fish that were deemed unsafe to eat.
Seven Seas Fish Company, a seafood wholesaler based in Richmond, B.C., and its owner, John Heras, pleaded guilty in court in Seattle, Wash., on Friday. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the fish — which had been purchased in Mexico — had previously been rejected from entering the United States during an inspection. >click to read< 09:35

Honored for Bravery. Fishermen brothers honoured 63 years after rescuing 13 people from drowning

Three fishermen who rescued 13 people from drowning have been given an award for their bravery — 63 years after the disaster. Brothers James and Mickey Gallagher, 80 and 85 respectively, received honours at the National Bravery Awards yesterday and even picked up an award on behalf of their late father, Michael Gallagher Sr.,, The Gallaghers had been lobster fishing nearby when they spotted the chaos and quickly threw out firing ropes to help save passengers, before towing the boat to safety.  >click to read<  08:49