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Versatile Inshore Boat for the Basque Country Fleet

Although the general trend in the fishing sector in the Basque Country and the rest of Spain is to export or decommission, some owners from the town of Arminza, in the province of Vizcaya (north of Bilbao), decided to build a new vessel. Made of GRP, Beti Itsasoko has a 14-metre length and a beam of 5 metres, it has a number of features that set it apart from the boats with which it shares its fishing grounds. To begin with, it has an unusual modern design for Spanish waters, with an inverted bow, designed for more comfortable operation by minimising pounding as it cuts through the waves. On the other hand, the vessel measures 14,7gt and is configured to have two independent engines, which gives it greater maneuverability as each drives its own shaft, propellers and rudder. It also has a capacity for 8000 litres of fuel and a hold with space for almost 9 tonnes of fish in the chilled fishroom. Photos, more, >>click ti Read<< 16:66

New Design Scalloper offers Economic Operation

Although the original brief had been for a sister vessel to Eternal Light, which has been fishing successfully since its delivery in 2019 to Fraserburgh company Whitelink Seafoods, the choice went to a new design scalloper that would provide more deck and gear space, better crew conditions and greater economy. The new design, developed with Macduff Ship Design to incorporate a more efficient hull form and a new stern gear package designed to improve fuel efficiency. The 19.98-metre Eternal Promise has a beam of 7.40 metres and a fishroom capable of holding 33 tonnes of bagged scallops. This is an addition to Whitelink’s growing fleet and is designed to operate year-round in UK waters. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 09:03

New Beamer Hits The Water

A year on from the launch of Interfish beam trawler Admiral Gordon at Parkol Marine Engineering’s facility in Middlesbrough, the yard has launched sister vessel Admiral Blake PH-440 for the same customer. The yard’s newbuild no 60, Admiral Blake was wheeled out of the fabrication shed and craned into the Tees. Sister vessel Admiral Gordon was delivered last year and was the first beam trawler over 20 metres in length to be delivered by a UK yard for more than thirty years. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 10:23

High-Tech Trawler offers New Opportunities

‘It looks good,’ said Sigurður Óli Kristjánsson, skipper of new factory trawler Berlin as he was preparing to head back to Norway for a shakedown trip to fine-tune the sophisticated processing deck. Berlin is the latest Vard design trawlers over the last few years, delivered to Nergård, Luntos and other fishing companies, and is practically identical to Akraberg, which was built for Faroese company Framherji in 2022. ‘It’s a very fine trawler, very high-tech. I like the look of the winches. These are very sophisticated and precise, with Scantrol management systems, and with energy-saving functionality. These trawlers have more power, with a nine-cylinder engine, and everything is a size up from the old Berlin. The thinking is that it’s more economic to have a more powerful engine that can run at a more econonic speed instead of being at full revs,’ he said and added that this is a departure from running the main engine at a set speed and then adjusting the propeller pitch as required. Photos, video, more, >>click to read<< 11:14

New Crabber for Bridlington Family

Genesis has been built by Parkol Marine Engineering to an Ian Paton design for Neil Robson and his sons, who between them run Genesis Fishing. The new boat will work from Bridlington, skippered by elder son George, while younger son John skippers the company’s other crabber, Genesis Enigma. An older crabber, Genesis Rose, is about to be sold now that the new boat is fishing. ‘We’ve been fishing all January, and obviously we are made up with her, few bits of teething troubles but nothing major, the new deck layout works great, we have had a mixed bag of weather 45/50 knot winds on one trip, which was good to see and get a good feel of how she performs,’ George Robson said. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 08:18

Vessel Review: F/V Arctic Fjord – Alaska Pollock Trawler to be Deployed in Bering Sea

Seattle-based seafood company the Arctic Storm Management Group has taken delivery of a new trawler-processor optimised for catching Alaska pollock in the Bering Sea. The newer F/V Arctic Fjord has a length of 324 feet (99 metres), a beam of 68.9 feet (21 metres), a draught of 28.5 feet (8.7 metres), space for 152 crewmembers and processing personnel, and a wave-piercing bow that reduces fuel consumption and slamming in rough seas. Approximately 4,000 cubic metres of fish products including fish meal and fish oil can be stored in the holds. Pkotos,  specs, more, >>click to read<< 14:25

New Beamer Delivered to Belgian Owners

A new beamer is a rarity these days and seeing a new such vessel being put into service is something of an event. The latest beam trawler to be delivered to owners in Belgium is Van Eyck Z-53, handed over to its owners following satisfactory sea trials carried out at the end of last year. The Savels family hads initially looked for a second-hand vessel to replace the 1981-built beamer that Steven Savels bought from Freddy Depaepe more than 25 years ago. But when the search proved inconclusive, with no suitable replacement to be found, they looked at the options for a new trawler and approached Van Eyck Z-53, which has delivered a number of new beamers in recent years to Belgian operators. The order for the new vessel was placed in 2022 and the hull arrived in Stellandam for outfitting a year later. Photos, more, >>click to read<< 10:39

Vessel Review: Ginneton – Sweden’s Gifico Acquires Forth Herring and Mackerel Trawler

Swedish family-owned fishing company Gifico recently welcomed a newbuild vessel to its fleet of pelagic trawlers that focus on herring, mackerel, and a number of industrial species. Designed and built by Karstensens Skibsværft of Denmark, the DNV-classed trawler is Gifico’s third vessel to bear the name Ginneton. The 63.8- by 13.5-metre, 2,800DWT vessel boasts a number of custom features including an optimized hull design and technologies that will help minimise fuel consumption and emissions in line with the owner’s requirements. The 4,920kW main engine drives a 3,800mm controllable-pitch propeller and is fitted with a heat recovery system, as are the Mitsubishi 600kW and 150kW auxiliary engines. For added lateral maneuverability, the trawler relies on two 700kW side thrusters supplied by Brunvoll. The propulsion allows the trawler to reach speeds of up to 16 knots, while a remote-control system incorporates levers as well as touchscreen for user-friendly operation of the engines. Photos, specifications,  Photos, Specifications, more, >>click to read<< 18:00


This N.L. fishing vessel endured stormy seas and heartbreak before it ever touched salt water

Sitting in a thick leather chair on the bridge of his newly launched fishing vessel this week, Matthew Petten has the look of a man who’s endured an ocean full of adversity. His eyes are heavy from a lack of sleep, many days of intense stress, and sadness over the fact that his father, noted Port de Grave fisherman Dwight Petten, is not at his side for a milestone moment in his life, the launch of what is likely the most expensive and largest fishing vessel ever built in Newfoundland and Labrador for the modern inshore sector. The impressive new craft is 27 metres long, nearly 10 metres wide, and weighs a stout 400 tonnes. It’s capable of holding 100,000 pounds of crab in refrigerated seawater tanks, has a million-dollar engine room, the latest electronics package, and can accommodate up to nine crew members. Video, photos, more. >>click to read<< 07:09

Vessel Review: Seraphin- Scottish Owner adds Prawn and Groundfish Twin-Rigger to fleet

Family-owned Lighthouse Fishing Company of Peterhead, Scotland has expanded its east coast vessel fleet with the recent acquisition of a new twin-rig trawler built by Parkol Marine Engineering. Seraphim was built to a design by Ian Paton of SC McAllister and Company for both single and twin rig trawling of prawns and groundfish. It can also operate as half of a pair trawler team if needed, providing greater flexibility for the owners. The development of the new trawler was in fulfillment of the requirements of Lighthouse’s owners, father and son fishers Andrew and Joshua Buchan. photos, info, >>click to read<< 10:43

Liafjord Heads For Home

Norwegian fishing company Liegruppen’s new pelagic trawler Liafjord is steaming home to Norway, having been handed over to its owners by the Cemre Shipyard in Turkey. The 71-metre by 15-metre beam Liafjord is designed by Salt Ship Design and follows the groundbreaking LNG-powered Libas, which was delivered by the same yard several years ago. Liegruppen opted not to go for the same LNG propulsion system for Liafjord, although the vessel has some respectable green energy credentials, with electric winches, heat recovery technology and a large battery pack as part of its hybrid propulsion. Photo, more, >>click to read<< 12:21

Compact Twin -Rig Trawler from Parkol

Built by Parkol Marine Engineering at its Teeside yard and completed alongside in Whitby, Seraphim PD-170 is the latest in a long line of Ian Paton designs for owners in Scotland. The 21.29 metre LOA, 7.70 metre breadth Seraphim packs a lot of functionality into a boat with a waterline length of 16.40 metres. This is a twin-rig trawler targeting both prawns and groundfish, laid out with the option of working as one half of a pair team if required. Built with a steel hull topped by an aluminium wheelhouse, masts and full-length shelterdeck, the new trawler was ordered by father and son Andrew and Joshua Buchan of Lighthouse Fishing Company, in partnership with P&J Johnstone. The boat was lifted into the water at the Teesside yard in late August before heading for Whitby. At the end of October Andrew and Joshua Buchan steamed home to Peterhead to collect trawl gear and carry out final sea trials before starting fishing in earnest. photos, more, >>click to read<< 12:12

CHRISTINA S – Karstensen Shipyard delivers newbuild for Fraserburgh

Newbuild 470 “CHRISTINA S” was handed over to the partnership between Freedom Fish Limited, Shannon Fishing Limited and Peter & J. Johnstone Limited on 13 September 2022 from Karstensen Shipyard. New “CHRISTINA S” replaces skipper Allan Simpsons previous command of the same name. The new vessel will operate along the same pattern as the existing vessel, with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, where target species are mackerel and herring, as well as blue whiting.   Photos, >>click to read more<< 13:29

Fishing Vessel Nord-Fugloy: Seiner designed for northern Norwegian waters

Norwegian shipbuilder Larsnes Mek Verksted recently delivered a new seiner to compatriot fishing company Camaro Fiskeriselskap. Named after a local island, Nord-Fugløy was built to a DNV-compliant design developed by local naval architecture firm Skipskompetanse for seine netting and purse seining. Kent-Arild Apneseth, project manager at Skipskompetanse, said the brief from the owner was to optimise a vessel for the coastal fishery and implement a new way of operating Danish seine, hauling the net from the stern in a manner that will increase efficiency and to be able to operate more securely in a larger weather window.  Photos, >>click to read<<08:21

Canada’s Largest Fishing Vessel Floated Off

The latest fishing vessel for Canada has been launched for outfitting at the Tersan yard in Turkey. Inuksuk II is being built for Baffin Fisheries and is scheduled for delivery in mid-2024. Designed by Skipsteknisk, the 80-metre Inuksuk II will have capacity for 1320 tonnes of frozen Greenland halibut in its refrigerated fishroom, or can switch to shrimp fishing, capable of holding 930 tonnes of frozen shrimp product. ‘This is a great milestone towards the delivery of Nunavut’s first new fishing vessel,’ said Baffin Fisheries chairman Sandy Kautuq in Clyde River. >>click to read<< 08:03

Werft wins new build project for multifunctional fishing vessel

The Flemish trawler will be named Janneke after the daughter of the captain/owner Jelle Hakvoort and be 27.99 metres long with a beam of 8.25 metres. Hakvoort himself is delighted with the design. “It is ideal for beam rawling in the winter months, and twin rigging in the summer; either for plaice or crustaceans.” Hakvoort has spent his career to date fishing on Eurocutters, known as the smaller segment in Belgium, and is now switching to a larger segment: “I have complete faith in Werft and its experienced partners,” he adds. >click to read< 08:26


Here is a comparatively simple but truly multi-purpose fishing vessel that can readily adapt from trawling to potting for crabs. Obviously, its primary target will be high-value crabs, but given the vessel’s ownership, it will be very useful for it to be able to change its target. The designer added that the fishing deck can be converted as a small trawler and the hull can be easily lengthened from 65 to 72 feet (19.8 to 21.9 metres) to keep the gross tonnage below 150 tonnes as per Transport Canada regulations. This modification can increase the capacity of the cargo to hold up to 90 cubic metres. >click to read<.  and >read more here<, 08:51

Enterprise III Joins the Fraserburgh Fleet

Enterprise III has been delivered to James Lovie and his partners, and is a Vestværftet design, outfitted and completed at the yard in Hvide Sande on a hull fabricated in Poland. The new trawler headed for Fraserburgh to start its fishing career and to make its first landings. Accommodation on board is for up to eleven and is fitted out to an exceptionally high standard. The deck is laid out with three trawl winches controlled by a Scantrol autotrawl, three pairs of sweepline winches at the head of the long trawl desk with drums large enough to spool ground gear, three net drums over the trawl lanes, pairs of bagging, outhaul and codend winches, and a forward mooring winch. Photos, >click to read< 17:37 and partners

Biggest UK beamer launch, Admiral Gordon to join the South West fleet!

Parkol Marine were excited to announce the launch of New Build 058 at Middlesbrough on Friday. Many of their followers have been looking forward to seeing the completed vessel. So it’s congratulations to the vessel owners on the launch of F/V Admiral Gordon PH-330, a 27.3m LOA beam trawler. It has been a pleasure working with you all, best wishes from everyone at Parkol. F/V Admiral Gordon is the first over 20-metre beam trawler to be designed and built in the UK for 30 years, a massive achievement to all involved, British Manufacturing at its best! 8 Photos, >click to read< 11:24

Taking under 10 Metre Trawlers to a New Level

Built for North Deven fishing company S&J Trawlers, F/V Our Frankie Shan is the latest and most advanced in a series of under ten-metre trawlers that have come from the C Toms & Son yard. F/V Our Frankie Shan is an SC McAllister design by Ian Paton and draws on the success of previous trawlers built to the same pattern, starting with F/V Saxon Spirit, also built at C Toms in 2018m and followed by Claude Henry and Simon Paul – and with another soon to be completed 10m trawler under construction. This latest vessel is designed as a multi-purpose fishing vessel capable of alternating trawling with either doors or beam gear, and scalloping. with the deck laid out for a quick switchover between fishing methods. Photos, >click to read< 08:07

Vyborg Shipyard is building trawlers under investment quotas programme

Vyborg Shipyard will build three trawlers of KMT02 design for the companies of FOR Group. The Dmitry Kozharsky trawler is the first large factory freezer trawler in the series intended for bottom trawling. The ship laid down on 1 November 2018 was launched on 19 June 2020. The Ice3 trawler with a hull of Arc4 is intended for bottom trawling with further processing and freezing the fish on board. The equipment freezing capacity is up to 105 tonnes of fish per day. The holds capacity is 2,375 cbm. 5 photos, >click to read< 21:45

Arrival of the new F/V Copious the ‘ultimate expression of confidence’

Lerwick’s jarl squad had just revealed its beautiful galley to the public for the first time on Tuesday morning when another, even more impressive, new build sailed into Lerwick Harbour for the first time. It took Mark Anderson and his crew 17 days to complete the journey from the Croatian Tehnomont shipyard to Lerwick’s Mair’s Quay. At 24.9 metres in length and fitted with a 588kw engine, both Copious and her sister vessel Prolific have been designed to be more eco-friendly and as such more economical. Designed by Macduff Ship Design, the two new vessels have a beam of nine metres and provide accommodation for up to 12 crew members. Anderson said they would have a crew of eight when fishing. >click to read< 09:45

Fishing vessel Christina S launched

On the weekend of January 20-22, another fishing vessel was launched at Karstensen Shipyard Poland in Gdynia – this time it is a 77-meter pelagic trawler Christina S. Christina S was created in Karstensen for Christina S Fishing from Fraserburgh, Scotland. The process of launching Christina S was very complex and involved several stages. First, special carts on which the unit was located had to position it perpendicular to the quay. A special submersible pontoon was already waiting on the water, to which the hull was transported. 20 photos, video, >click to read< 09:55

Grupo Arbumasa’s New Fresher Trawler

Huafeng 882 is the third of six trawlers ordered in 2021 by Dalian Huafeng Aquatic Products, part of Grupo Arbumasa. Earlier in 2022, Contessi launched the first two vessels, which have already been successfully fishing during the recent season. Like its sister vessels, Huafeng 882 is a 24-metre fresher trawler, designed to fish not only Argentine red shrimp but also the several other species outside the shrimp season. Huafeng 882 is a double-decked ship mostly made of steel, with an aluminium superstructure. A fresquero, it does not have freezing capacities, but it has an insulated fishroom, provided by Nautiplast, for landing catches fresh in ice, and a chiller supplied by PM Refrigeración. Video, photos, >click to read< 17:25

Sanford Goes for Green with Maaskant Order

New Zealand seafood company Sanford Limited has placed an order with Damen Shipbuilding Maaskant for the design and build of a new scampi vessel for operation in the Southern Ocean. This new vessel is expected to contribute to Sanford’s target of reducing the carbon footprint from its direct operations by 25% between 2020 and 2030. The construction of the diesel-electric vessel will take place at the Damen Maaskant yard in the Netherlands, with a delivery date in 2025. Images, >click to read< 20:29

Stepping up Crabber Fleet Renewal

The first crabber in a series of eight has been floated off at the Nakhodka Shipyard for Russian fishing giant Antey. The company hopes the new vessel will be an improvement than the one it took delivery of from Pella Shipyard. F/V Kapitan Khazan is designed for catching crab in the waters of the Bering, Barents and Okhotsk seas and has a carrying capacity of up to 120 tonnes of live crab in nine tanks with a total volume of 680m3. ‘We placed an order at the Nakhodka shipyard, one of the oldest plants in Primorye. It is important for us not only to renew the fleet and create comfortable conditions for seafarers but also to revive the traditionally strong shipbuilding industry in the Far East,’ Antey’s president Ivan Mikhnov said in a statement. Photos, >click to read< 11:10

Former Skippers New Fresher Trawler

Fresquero José Luciano will operate from Mar del Plata along the Patagonian coast, targeting not only Argentine red shrimp, but also hake and other species, landing fresh catches boxed in ice The newbuild replaces an older vessel owned by Luciano Ramaci, a former skipper from Mar de Plata. The steel-hulled, 27-metre José Luciano has an 8.40-meter beam. It is powered by a Caterpillar 3508 main engine and two auxiliary Cummins engines and is expected to have a maximum speed of 9.5 knots. Its design incorporates a bulbous bow. Photos, >click to read< 19:20

Future-Proofed Trawler for Hvide Sande

Taking delivery of a new trawler capable of alternating shrimping and targeting flatfish, Hvide Sande fisherman Torben Johansen remains optimisti, but he has few kind words for the current crop of politicians and what he sees as a long list of unfulfilled promises. The back story is that six years ago he ordered a new trawler, Mikkel Louise, to be built at Vestværft. The handover took place in 2020, just as the Covid pandemic hit and although the trawler fished well, the crash in the restaurant sector meant that sales of shrimp and whitefish ground to a standstill. The upshot was that Mikkel Louise was sold to Dutch owners, and Torben Johansen placed an order for a smaller trawler at the same yard. Photos, >click to read< 12:10

New Build: Raising the Bar with Space and Comfort

The first impression is that there’s plenty of space on board, and Winter of Ladram really does have far more room to work and carry gear than any conventional crabber in the UK fleet. The working deck forward is enclosed under a shelterdeck that feels like a ballroom, with room to stack pots six high and a surprising amount of overhead height. Nobody’s going to have to worry about banging their head here. ‘This is a unique design and a new take on the south-west crabber, with much more security and comfort for the crew. This is a new generation of vessel. It also has ten berths on board so there’s space for researchers and others.’ Photos, >click to read< 13:21

New Scalloper/Trawler for Le Havre

With a length of 11.98 metres and a breadth of 6 metres, Pierre Becquet’s new fishing boat was launched on 13th July at Locmiquélic in Morbihan. It will be delivered in August to the port of Le Havre, where the owner already runs the P’tit Pierre (ex-Tigrou), built in 2005 by the same yard as P’tit Gabin, Chantiers Navals Bernard. It is expected be ready and operational before the next scallop season. Photos, >click to read< 11:42