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It was a Fine #FishyFriday morning in Newlyn

Big shift in the weather this morning as strong winds and heavy skies give way to patches of blue and light winds… lots of fish, and photos! >click to read< 10:24

Fish Galore! It’s a fine Fishy Friday in Newlyn

Cool cloud colours this morning but still autumnal temperatures pervade… Lots of fish photo’s, from Tuna to Turbot! >click to read< 08:34

It’s another fine FishyFriday in Newlyn.

Last few hours for the netting fleet before they leave their berths to take ice and head away for the next tide… with fine weather comes fine fishing and the auction was full of inshore landings this morning… lots of photos, >click to read< 22:09

Fine, flat calm #FishyFriday in Newlyn.

Fine start to the final day of the week and with a big spring tide the netting fleet are all in port waiting for the next neap to begin…fish, photos, >click to read< 22:44

Fish galore on Monday morning’s market in Newlyn!

Algrie heads away from the gaps past the Mount on a fine morning passing the Irene at anchor in Gwavas Lake, hopefully those wet looking clouds will dissipate throughout the day,,, plenty of fish and photos, >click to read< 22:20

Fish tails – on the final #FishyFriday of July

Hard to believe looking across the harbour this morning that six hours before this was taken both St Marys and Sennen lifeboat were patrolling the Scillys as gusts up to 69mph caused chaos both ashore and at sea. An impatient fleet gets the gear sorted before leaving the quay and heading back to sea.. first away was the hake netter Ajax, Fish, photos, >click to read< 22:47

Men at work on the Manin on a muggy Monday morning in Newlyn

Hardly a breath of wind to disturb the tranquil waters of Newlyn this morning as the crew of the Ocean Pride struggle to pull the Sapphire II back into her berth before making her way to the slip cradle. Meanwhile on the fish market  there are couple of big trips of haddock and other quality white fish for the Irish trawler Unity. hake from the Ajax, and quality flats form the beam trawler Sapphire II. Lots of beautiful fish, beautiful photos! >click to read< 08:08

Profit and turnover down as UK fishing fleet weathers a challenging year.

Our first economic performance estimates for 2020 show impact of pandemic on fishing industry. Fishing fleet performance in 2020 The total operating profit of the UK fishing fleet fell by almost a fifth in 2020 as the sector dealt with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The data we’re publishing today shows that: Operating profit fell by 19% from £264 million in 2019 to £214 million in 2020. Turnover, which had been above the £1 billion mark for the previous three years, fell to £843 million. This is a 17% reduction. These totals,,, photos, >click to read<22:26

UK’s fishing crews outraged at Brexit betrayal five years after

It’s 5am on a brisk June morning and on board the Girl Pamela fishing vessel, skipper Graham Nicholas is taking me through some basic housekeeping ahead of a 12-hour stint at sea. “If you need to piss or puke,” he says, “do it overboard. If you need to shit, do it in the bucket.” On the fifth anniversary of the vote to leave the EU, many say their industry has been betrayed Above all, he has one outstanding question. As Brexit negotiations faltered over fishing rights last year,  “But if we’re so unimportant, how comes the Europeans fought so f****g hard for their fishermen?” >click to read<19:03

Monday morning in Newlyn

Fishing vessel Silver Dawn at dawn heads in through the gaps for the fish market. She will pass a bevvy of the port’s biggest crabbers, five of them currently between trips, tyre fenders in the making, they could come in handy. The weekend saw a number of landings from boats large and small including these top quality red mullet from the Fishing Vessel Harvest Reaper, >32 photos, video, click to read< 22:32

More Celtic visitors in Newlyn

Amaven Uno, another visiting Spanish flag stern trawler is in Newlyn Tuesday morning, while another Scottish prawn boat moored on the end of the Marwy Williams pier – her namesake fished her 30 years ago along with the Loranthus, Wavecrest and Bounteous – they made two pair teams that fished for winter mackerel landing in Penzance dock. as can be seen from this photo, with the fully laden Loranthus laying outside the Bounteous having her mackerel pumped ashore – most likely for fishmeal – sadly, the Bounteous was lost one night when she capsized while hauling her midwater trawl full of mackerel  >19 photos, click to read<   10:55

First of this season’s Scottish prawn fleet arrives in Newlyn.

BF191 Vision IV is the first of this year’s visiting prawn fleet to arrive in Newlyn, seen here astern of the Irish twin-rigger Unity, with a hydraulic gear problem to sort. Some of the crew keep themselves busy pressure washing the hull. The beam trawler St Georges is busy putting back together her trawls, and not looking too shabby for her 48 years at sea, >click for 6 photos< 12:51

New build Amanda of Ladram in Newlyn.

Waterdance’s latest vessel to join  their ever-expanding fleet is PW-6, the Amanda of Ladram, skippered by Jonathon Walsh. The largely Padstow based skipper and crew will operate mainly from Newlyn targeting mainly MSC Certified hake. the boat is currently fishing north of the Scillys, and, like all the vessels in the fleet she will overland her fish from Newlyn to be sold on the market at Brixham. >click to watch< a 9:46 video tour, and a 62 image photo gallery by Lawrence Hartwell, Through the Gaps  22:34

Busy evening as Dutch fly-shooter makes first landing in Newlyn.

Around 7pm and the fly-shooter Annalijdia enters Newlyn, the first since the Dew-Genen-Ny stopped fishing back in the early 90s… Lots of photos, lots of vessels, some videos, and what beautiful fish! >click to read< 07:10

The harbour is full of boats and the storm hasn’t even arrived yet.

It’s not just the small visiting beam trawlers chasing soles, but also some of the biggest in the Brixham fleet like the Georgina, William and Julie of Ladram,, along with the biggest beam trawler in the south west, the Enterprise… the Charisma has had a name change to the Charisma of Ladram reflecting her change of ownership in joining the rest of the Ladram fleet… 11 photos, >click to view< 09:16

“I want to be a fisherman when I grow up.” Being a fisherman is a highly regarded job. Here, it’s a last resort.

Tom Lambourn is a 24-year-old fisherman based in Newlyn. He comes from proper fishing stock with both parents heavily involved in the fishing industry. Tom also has a degree in chemistry having studied at Cardiff University. Despite studying nearly 200 miles away, he couldn’t wait to return to Cornwall during holidays and spend time around the harbour and out on the boats.,, James Roberts is a 29-year-old who also fishes out of Newlyn Harbour. But unlike Tom, he didn’t get into it through his direct family. “I was about 8-years-old when I started going down the quay,” >click to read< 09:33

Fishing into the Future

Fishing into the Future (FITF), an independent UK charity led by people working in the fishing industry, has formed a partnership with the Fishmongers’ Company. The partnership includes a substantial grant to implement a three-year work programme that builds on their innovative learning and leadership initiative. Fishing into the Future’s Chairman, Dave Stevens, owner and skipper of the demersal trawler, Crystal Sea SS 118, remarks on the importance of charity’s work and the benefit the support from The Fishmongers’ Company will bring, >click to read< 12:36


For those who haven’t seen this yet, two P’rtleveners, Felix Griffiths and Ross Sloan have been working on ‘FROTH THE FIZZ’ – a comic style series of stories about the British fishing industry. In my eyes, Brexit should be about buying British, supporting our local business’ and communities, not half the shit we were told in the leave campaign. How on earth did we think Brexit would work without this?! >photos, click to read< 07:28

Weʼre raising £10,000 to The Leigh Spencer Memorial Fund

Leigh was killed on Saturday the 6th February in a tragic accident aboard the fishing vessel he worked on. He leaves his wife Analiza and two young children, Theo and Issabella. We’ve started this page to raise money to cover Leigh‘s funeral arrangements, and also to provide for Analiza and the children now that their husband and father is no longer there for them. >Please click here to read<, and donate if you can. Thank you. 17:14

Star ship Enterprise – Biggest beam trawler yet arrives in Newlyn


Sporting new company colours, the Enterprise PZ99 has joined the OceanFish fleet in Newlyn, and at 42 meters and 471 tons she is by far the biggest boat in the port. 15 great photos, and a video! >click to read< 22:05

Newlyn: Monday morning’s final-end-of-an-era fish auction.

One hundred years ago the fish market moved from the plinth in front of the harbour offices to a covered market and auction building… by the 1980s things had hardly changed with boats landing straight into the market building when they could get alongside at high water… the market was fully exposed to the elements and walking on boxes was de rigueur behaviour for the buyers before a major rebuild of the market in the early 1980s saw an access road added to the harbourside and fully enclosed,,, A great selection of photos, >click to read< 21:46

Newlyn Fishermen fear for their future as Coronavirus threatens a second wave

David Stevens, who owns the Crystal Sea trawler which operates out of Newlyn, said: “We’re free market, we don’t have a fixed price for fish. “That all depends on distribution, and if we can’t distribute that fish your market will decline. The entire industry will suffer huge losses until we’re out of lockdown situations once again.” Mr Stevens says some skippers may be forced to tie their boats up for the winter. “We’re going to have to reduce the supply to keep the fish price up. But with the restaurant trade closing down around the country, we’re going to lose 30 per cent of our market price.” >click to read< 10:25

SW Cornwall fishing industry fears destruction from Coronavirus and a ‘no deal’ Brexit double whammy

The South West fishing industry faces potential destruction from a “no deal” Brexit coupled with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a leading industry figure says. Jim Portus, chief executive of the South Western Fish Producer Organisation, said there is concern a “bad deal” or “no deal”, when the transition period ends in January 2021, will be disastrous for the UK fishing industry, which led the march for Brexit. He said: “I don’t want to see fishermen sacrificed for the UK to get a good deal. We want to be part of that good deal. We’re in a situation where we could face a double dose of nightmare with Covid and Brexit and our fishing industry risks being destroyed. >click to read< 17:10

‘Seasickness covers you like a shawl’ — my week on a Cornish trawler learning to fish

Though I set my alarm for 5.45am for this, my first morning on the Filadelfia, I sleep right through and rouse to find it is 9am and I am alone in the cabin. I can still feel seasickness menacing somewhere about my person. And so, though I hate the way it muffles my senses, I take another pill before scrambling up the ladder to join the men upstairs. I enter the galley to multiple jeers of: “Nice lie in?” and: “Get your beauty sleep?” Since everyone is seated about the table, I gather I must have woken up just after the Fishwife Call, when whoever is on watch puts the kettle on, makes mugs of coffee and then heads down to wake up the snoozing crew for the next haul. >click to read< 10:16

Coronavirus: export fish price crash – Newlyn boat lands huge trip in debt!

By weight, pollack, which is mainly exported to France and Spain was the most plentiful fish on the market this morning in Newlyn where over 8,000kg was landed from four boats – on Monday this week, pollack was making £4.50 a kilo – by this morning the average price was 41p – one boat, which had leased all of its pollack quota at 50p a kilo made a net loss on the trip – which means that not only would the crew – all of whom are ‘share-fishermen’ receive no wage but the boat’s expenses, which included around 6,000litres of fuel,,, >click to read< 07:25

Sad day for Newlyn, tragedy for a fishing family.

A Newlyn fishing family suffered a tragic accident yesterday when a crew member who was working on the beam trawler Resurgam. Local emergency services were called to Newlyn Harbour, Cornwall, around 16:15 Thursday afternoon. Sadly, the young man was pronounced dead at the scene. >click to read< 21:05

Overboard fisherman dragged for five miles

A lone fisherman had a miraculous escape after falling overboard at sea. He managed to grab his nets and clung on as his boat dragged him five miles for more than an hour through the freezing sea to shore. Fortunately Nathan Rogers’s vessel was on auto-pilot and heading for the Cornish port of Newlyn, where it ploughed into a pier wall. The alarm was first raised by eagle-eyed Louis-Matisse Nicholls, who saw the crash from Sandy Cove, a beach on the edge of Newlyn, and spotted Mr Rogers, 40, in the water. The 11-year-old boy said: “I was beach cleaning and saw this boat crash right into the harbour and saw this head bobbing up and down. I told my dad to phone 999.” >click to read<12:37

The calm before the storm – the fishermen waiting for Brexit

Newlyn looks the same as it always has. The Atlantic sweeps into the bay, gently rocking the boats moored there. The scent of fish rises from the docks and the market. St Michael’s Mount sits further round the bay, offering the perfect backdrop for a postcard. It doesn’t feel like a political hub, yet the town has been the subject of countless Brexit stories. It’s the perfect angle: a traditional industry which argues it’s been sold out again and again. Once more, it’s a bargaining chip on the negotiating table. And there are a lot of lives resting on that chip. Fishing was one of the strongest voices calling to leave Europe in 2016. Their demands were some of the clearest,,, >click to read<13:20

Fishing for a Future After Brexit

Dawn breaks on Newlyn, an industrious fishing harbour in southern Cornwall. Seagulls scream and circle a sardine hauler that has just come in from a night out at sea. As the dusty light floods the water, two fishermen haul tons of their slippery catch into orange crates. It’s been a bountiful trip and it’s only the beginning of the sardine season. Most of this load will go to canneries in France and for these fisherman, a strong trade relationship with the mainland is their livelihood.  The sight of a flotilla of boats charging down the Thames just days before the June 23 referendum was arguably one of the most surreal sights of the 2016 Brexit campaign. But while it may have erred on pantomime, it highlighted deeply-felt frustrations shared by fishermen across the UK, whose unhappy prospects—until then—hadn’t made headline news. Photo’s, >click to read<11:01

A fisherman’s tale…

As a young man in his late 20s Peter Bullock made a living sailing luxury yachts around the Mediterranean for the super-rich. But when he was offered the opportunity to skipper a boat fishing for pilchards in Cornwall, he leapt at the chance. “Except we don’t call them pilchards now,” he points out. “They’re Cornish sardines.” Twelve years later, the catch he brings back to shore each morning is being sold not in cans, but on the fresh fish counters of upmarket supermarkets like M&S and Waitrose. click here to read the story 11:11