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First Nations on Vancouver Island celebrate B.C. Court of Appeal fisheries ruling

Canada must remedy problems in commercial fishery regulations arising from a legal battle that was first launched in 2003 by a group of Vancouver Island First Nations, the British Columbia Court of Appeal has ruled. While there is no demonstrated need to make mandatory orders, they would “remain available if Canada does not act diligently to remedy the problems,” Justice Harvey Groberman wrote in a decision released Monday. >click to read< 09:24

“We just met out of the blue,” – B.C. couple celebrating nearly 70 years of Valentine’s

Inspirational stories leading up to Valentine’s Day are abundant, but few can match how true love has stood the test of time quite like long-time Chemainus couple Ejlif and Anna Mose. They’ll be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this year on June 9. Ejlif will turn 93 on June 9 and Anna reaches another milestone later in the year with her 90th birthday on Oct. 8. “We came to Canada, fell in love with it, Vancouver Island, and we’re still here,” enthused Ejlif. But commercial fishing was in Ejlif’s blood and he just stepped up that aspect of his life when the mill closed. He bought a bigger boat and fished fulltime after that. With the family all grown up, Anna went out fishing with him for 10 years. >click to read<, and Congratulations!

Vancouver Island: Invasion of the green crab

The invasive European green crab is proliferating at an alarming rate on the west and southern coasts of Vancouver Island, devouring smaller Dungeness crab and bivalves as well as the eelgrass that is critical to young salmon. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has identified hotspots around Sooke and Barkley Sound, but environmental groups and First Nations say the green crab’s infestation extends to Haida Gwaii and likely most parts of the B.C. coast. They say “industrial trapping” of the green crab is essential before it wipes out local species and key habitats. >click to read< 19:19

Vancouver Island: Controversy grows as herring fishery approaches

Anticipation is growing in French Creek’s harbour as herring boats began to fill it Wednesday ahead of the fishery opening. The opening could be any day. Fisheries and Oceans test boats have already recorded herring returning to spawn. “Could be any minute now, you know Mother Nature is temperamental,” said Captain of the Pender Isle Jason Roberts. Video,  >click tp read< 12:32

Boat and 26 chinook seized amid allegations of overfishing off B.C.’s coast by 3 non-residents

Vancouver Island RCMP have seized a nine-metre fishing boat and more than two dozen chinook salmon over what they say are allegations of “significant overfishing.”The RCMP say they received a report Wednesday of possible Fisheries Act violations by those aboard the vessel on the west side of Vancouver Island near Nootka Sound. In a news release, police allege officers with the Fisheries Department found more than two dozen chinook salmon, about 24 kilograms of salmon roe, 18 rock cod fillets and eight ling cod fillets. >click to read<  19:39

Vancouver Island cholera outbreak ‘a unique situation,’ health officials say

Cholera tends to be spread by consuming water contaminated with infectious feces, but epidemics caused by infectious raw fish and seafood have also been reported, according to the health agency. The disease incubates for a few hours to several days. The cases in B.C. have been traced back to consumption of herring spawn, “a treasured traditional food source for First Nations throughout Vancouver Island,” Waters said.  >click to read<11:05

B.C. fish processors spewing potentially dangerous bloodwater into key salmon migration corridor

Salmon farming in British Columbia has long faced controversy, with concerns about fish escapes, antibiotic use, and the spread of viruses and sea lice. Most of the anger and calls for change have been directed at fish farms, but CTV News has obtained video footage that shows fish processing plants may be contributing to problems as well. The video shows a farmed-salmon processing plant in the Discovery Passage channel off Vancouver Island discharging bloody effluent from a pipe under the water – effluent that tests have shown contains a highly contagious fish virus. click here to read the story 16:26

Six pilot studies test sea urchin farming in Canada

Federal scientists and others are exploring the possibility of sea urchin farming in Canada, with at least six pilot studies using Norwegian technology that proponents hope will turn “zombie” urchins which can denude kelp beds into profitable seafood. The first of the studies, conducted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is expected to start next week in waters off Vancouver Island, with others planned for Newfoundland, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Wild urchins are harvested in B.C. and elsewhere, but aren’t farmed commercially anywhere in Canada — yet. But the efforts to birth a new aquaculture industry are already running into questions about the ecological cost. Read the story here 09:11

One of British Columbia’s most unusual and dangerous fisheries is poised for a comeback.

Gooseneck barnacles, which grow on the rocks below the high tide line off the west coast of Vancouver Island, are prized in Spain and served as appetizers by high-end restaurants across North America. With a shell-like top and stubby stalks of rich meat beneath, goosenecks resemble clumps of asparagus. However, the best ones are hard to reach and risky to harvest. “It could be a really big industry, we just got to get the word out,”  Read the rest here 16:27

Alberta-based owner promises to invest millions in Bamfield

Millions of dollars are about to be invested in the tiny hamlet of Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island, promises the owner of many of the community’s increasingly dilapidated properties. continue reading