ASP attempts to post price to break ranks, Commitee turns down offer that further erodes harvester share

April 11, 2024

Companies continue to spread misinformation in an effort to cause controversy and mistrust between fellow harvesters.

“Today, ASP relayed a verbal offer via our Mediator and before our Committee was event able to convene, plants began to advise harvesters that a price had been set for them to go fishing. This is the equivalent of posting a price without a collective agreement. And it’s completely, unequivocally, unacceptable,” says FFAW-Unifor President Greg Pretty.

“Harvesters are advised not to fish until an agreement is signed, and the only source that will come from is the Union’s official channels,” Pretty says.

Today, ASP offered $3.00 per pound for the first three weeks of the fishery, after which the formula chosen by the Panel would apply.

“The Bargaining Committee met this evening to review the offer, and each member wholeheartedly rejected the offer. This was a very strong, unanimous decision. Harvesters will not reduce their share in the market,” Pretty says.

“Fish harvesters will not be landing snow crab in this province until a fair agreement is made, and crowds are standing by if demonstrations are required,” Pretty concludes.


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