DFO Doubles Down on Redfish Giveaway: NL MPs Fail to Step-Up for Provincial Fishery

June 1, 2024

 Late yesterday evening, DFO released the 2024-2025 Management Plan for redfish. The cowardly move came after the close of NL business hours and doubled down by taking owner-operator resources and handing them off to corporations.

 Earlier this spring, the original announcement made by Minister Lebouthillier gave away nearly 60% of the Canadian redfish quota to the corporate fleet, despite the inshore, owner-operator fleet having taken the lead on science and sustainability measures in recent years. With the Gulf shrimp fishery all but closed and non-shrimpers waiting for redfish to return, this is another blow to a group that’s been in survival mode for the last several years.

“Once again, FFAW-Unifor members have been maligned by our two Ministerial Marionettes, Seamus O’Regan and Gudie Hutchings,” said FFAW-Unifor President Greg Pretty. “Sadly, their strings continue to be plucked by the Offshore Groundfish Oligarchy.  We all pine for the days of strong, vocal MP’s rising in the House of Commons with strident support for NL’s most vital industry,” Pretty says. “We haven’t seen their likes in a long time. And the plucking is far from over as all eyes turn toward a potential northern cod giveaway.”

 “At the advisory we collectively, with our inshore colleagues in Quebec and New Brunswick, outlined a clear opportunity for a much more equitable decision in terms of the overall share and a fishing plan that worked for our harvesters. While there are some elements of improvement there are many areas that continue to miss the mark,” says Jason Spingle, FFAW-Unifor Secretary-Treasurer.

The plan states a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of 60,000 tonnes has been established for a one-year period from May 15, 2024, until May 14, 2025.

“We have to hope that this is only for one year, and that there are some of us left after this year,” said 4R Shrimp Chair, Ren Genge.

“The Union is calling for these MPs to step-up or step away. There’s work to be done to protect the long-term economic sustainability of our communities, and they’re certainly not taking the lead,” Pretty concludes.

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