Jason Sullivan to run for FFAW Presidency

Monday, Dec. 19th, 2022 — Bay Bulls fisherman and President of SEA-NL Jason Sullivan has announced plans to run for the top job at the FFAW-Unifor, despite long odds against a candidate unanimously endorsed by the union executive.

“It’s easy to criticize, but you have to be willing to put your neck out there and offer the membership an alternative,” says Sullivan. “It’s time to change the course of the FFAW and regain the trust of the membership through communication and listening and acting on concerns.”

Sullivan said there is a major storm brewing regarding 2023 fish prices, and he said the union must evolve and change for the inshore fleet to see its way through it.

Sullivan has requested a leave of absence from his duties as President of SEA-NL.

Jason Sullivan grew up in Calvert but has spent his entire adult life living in Bay Bulls where he also serves as Town Councillor.

Sullivan, who is married with two children, has made his living from fishing since he left high school. Sullivan holds a Fishing Master, Class 1 and a Bachelor of Maritime Studies from Memorial University and has spent time teaching marine courses at both Holland College in Prince Edward Island and the Marine Institute in St. John’s.

Contact Jason Sullivan: 363 7088