Joe Biden’s Offshore Wind Farm Mirage – a scam. The costs and impacts are enormous.

The only existing U.S. offshore wind operation features five 6-MW turbines off Rhode Island. Their combined capacity (what they could generate if they worked full-bore, round the clock 24/7) is 30 MW. Mr. Biden is planning 1,000 times more offshore electricity, perhaps split three ways: 10,000 MW for each coast. While that might sound impressive, it isn’t. It means total wind capacity for the entire Atlantic coast, under Biden’s plan, would only meet three-fourths of the peak summertime electricity needed to power New York City. Again, this assumes the blades are fully spinning 24/7.,, How many millions of tons of steel, copper, lithium, cobalt, rare earth elements, concrete, petroleum-based composites (for turbine blades), and other raw materials would be required to manufacture and install the turbines and undersea electrical cables, especially where deep-water turbines are involved? How many billions of tons of ore would have to be mined, crushed,,, not very green, these things! >click to read< 14:43

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    That was beautiful, and there’s a word for it too… It’s called “REALITY”, and this is only a piece of a puzzle we have a blind man trying to put together!!! Don’t get too caught up in the romance folks… We need to make better choices…
    We have HYDROPOWER right next store!!!
    Hey, Nukes sound scary, we survived the 70’s how long ago???
    There are around 100 Nuclear powered Naval Vessels covering our “ASSES” right now!!! Nuclear needs a fresh look, think of what we’ve learned over the years… Twice a yr. to the Dentist???
    Don’t forget Elon’s MicroPower Plants and Solar!!!


    Sorry, I got cut off
    The neat part of the MicroPower Plant is if you do it right… You don’t get a “BILL” if you’re lucky it may be a check… Think of the independence!!! Then those life sucking Student Loans, imagine really paying them off!!! You can keep listening to LIZZIE and her loan for vote crap, I still haven’t figured the fairness of that manure… Maybe she’s losing her phony Feathers over guilt???

    STANDING BYE to stand bye


    New Nukes:
    another view…

    one more time???

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