Fisherman William “Billy Mac” McIntire, lost at sea, remembered as local legend, had friend’s around the world

bilde bill“Billy Mac was like a rock star, everybody loved him,” said Dwight Raymond of Kennebunk’s Performance Marine and The Pilot House. “He was the real deal and always put a smile on everyone’s face. He worked hard and played hard. I feel terrible for his parents.” Debbie Kimball Goodale remembers the impact McIntire had on women especially. “I loved watching girls stand in line to dance with him at ‘Good Night Ogunquit,’” she said. [email protected]  14:04

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    God grant that I may live to fish, until my dying day, And when it comes to my last set, I then most humbly pray, When in the Lord’s safe landing net, I’m peacefully asleep, That in his mercy I be judged, As big enough to keep.

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    Billy would not wish to be remembered as a rock star , just a fine fisherman who loved his friends and family