New Bedford Marine Commerce Ocean Terminal Another “Big Dig”? – Massachusetts Another Renewable Energy Failure – Posted by Paul Shaw

New England: They say they support the Fishermen, while they support offshore wind? Check these interesting New Bedford facts! New Bedford Marine Commerce Ocean Terminal Another “Big Dig”  – On October 20,2010 Governor Deval Patrick announced the building of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. The projected cost of the project was 35 million dollars. The project is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Many ask if this is another in a long string of failed renewable energy projects in Massachusetts. Evergreen Solar tops the list in 100 million dollar losses to Massachusetts taxpayers. Read more  16:54

  • Hands Across the River Coalition, New Bedford, Massachusetts recently asked the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center about the PCBs in the South Terminal where the ocean wind turbine port is being built. The meeting took place on December 3, 2013. Mass CEC did not address the question. Part of the site was owned by the New Bedford Standard Times newspaper and is called the Standard Times Field. The area may still have a Mill crushed into the land fill. The site could have a 150,000 gallon fuel tank and several smaller 10,000 gallon tanks on site. There remain questions of asbestos and building materials on site and where is the material from the old Brownfield going to go. The New Bedford Standard Times has never commented on the toxins at the site. The bottom line is if the public finds out what’s in the landfill and the toxic materials it could drive the cost of the project near the 200 million dollar mark -so state officials are mum about what is going on . The wind turbine port is to stop pollution while the Mass CEC is digging up a Brownfield site – Who’s in charge of this fiasco ?