Didja Ever Notice NOAA Drops the Bad News on Friday Afternoon, Then gets Outta Dodge for the Weekend?

nmfs_logoStatement Regarding New Information Showing Continued Decline of Gulf of Maine Cod Stock  Click here to read statement from NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center 15:45 

2 Responses to Didja Ever Notice NOAA Drops the Bad News on Friday Afternoon, Then gets Outta Dodge for the Weekend?

  1. MIGHTYJ says:

    But…..quotas were supposed to be a cure-all!!

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Ah, if we only had a time machine to go back to the years prior to the pompous Lady Jane taking over the Silver Springs puzzle palace. Oh yes, a time where there were codfish pretty much all around the waters of New England.

    Then the Obamination came to office along with the traveling circus at NOAA, specifically NMFS, and someone who thought they knew better then the fishermen…fishermen in New England who had not only spent their lives on the water, but depended on ground fishing to support their families, the crews and their communities.

    The pomp and circumstance around a new, innovative program that was billed as not only saving the New England fishing industry, but rebuilding all groundfish stocks….especially our beloved codfish. Yes, the old line of “were from the government and we are here to help you….”

    Now thinking about this and remembering an article from that time period, and I shall quote sections here, and leave it all to you out there to think about how we said, “don’t do it…don’t go down this road…please listen to us.”

    Well, it is too late now.

    From: Published: May 12, 2009 –

    A Turning Point for New England Groundfish Fishery: Jane Lubchenco sends a clear message – http://blogs.edf.org/edfish/2009/05/12/a-turning-point-for-new-england-groundfish-fishery-jane-lubchenco-sends-a-clear-message/#sthash.ZM4pNUcv.dpuf

    “April 8, 2009, Mystic, CT —Sally McGee, Emilie Litsinger and I got to witness something pretty wonderful today. Jane Lubchenco came to the New England Fishery Management Council meeting to announce the immediate release of $16 million to the groundfish fishery to help move the fishery to “sector” catch share management by providing funding for cooperative research to help fishermen get through a tough fishing year with very strict limits on fishing effort.”

    Now the concluding statement:

    “Today Jane Lubchenco rewrote the future of the groundfish fishery in New England. Her work set us all up in an excellent position to permanently transform New England’s groundfish fishery from worst to first in the next few years. We are now focused on capitalizing on her explosive start as NOAA Administrator to take full advantage of her skilled leadership to speed the transition to catch shares for not only New England groundfish but the rest of this region’s fisheries. What a glorious day.”

    Well when the news from NOAA fisheries broke on the afternoon of August 1, 2014, I do hope those who rejoiced on that very day about bringing Catch Shares to New England, remember the “glorious day” statement.

    If we only had a time machine……

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