Anti-fishing, anti-science – Chief executive Barrie Deas, explains why Marine Protected Areas aren’t the solution to managing fisheries.

Former Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw recently led the charge to resurrect the campaign for the immediate designation and implementation of 127 marine conservation zones around the UK. In a confused and somewhat bizarre article in the Independent, he made the argument that marine protected areas were the solution, not just for not just managing fisheries but for just about everything other ill on the planet, including climate change. Read the rest here 10:01

  • StripedBassHole

    You have to ask yourself a number of questions when actions like this are taken. Is there a HIDDEN AGENDA, is it POLITICAL, KNEE JERK, or just a plain lack of COMMON SENSE?
    Jobs and Traditional Careers have been under attack since the GREEN MOVEMENT has taken hold. I realize where talking about the UK here, but the same thing is happening here. So much for AMERICA HOME of the FREE… Have you noticed that this AGENDA has reduced OUR FREE access and COMMON PROPERTY by a SIGNIFICANT FRACTION?