Maine survey to assess depleted shrimp nearing completion

maine shrimpShrimp trawlers and trappers are collecting samples for state regulators in the Gulf of Maine. The Maine Department of Marine Resources is paying four trawlers $500 per trip and allowing them to sell up to 1,800 pounds of shrimp per trip. It is also allowing five trappers to keep up to 100 pounds of shrimp per week for personal use. Read the rest here 09:46

One Response to Maine survey to assess depleted shrimp nearing completion

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    I hope this research didn’t take place during the Traditional Season on the Traditional Grounds. Remember “Northern Shrimp” use to be a Year round Business. The Ocean has changed and the Shrimps behavior too. If you don’t look outside the BOX, your bound to miss something… Management has to be ECO-SYSTEM based the “BIG PICTURE” not SPECIES by SPECIES. This must be accomplished “HANDS ON”, utilize the “EXPERTS” they have plenty of time on there Hands now. Not to mention a “WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE”. You won’t find that in a JOURNAL or a COMPUTER…

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