To Attract Fishing Boats, Start With Infrastructure Say Fishermen at Seward Meeting

The Seward fishing community showed up in force at a mid-day work session of City Council and the Port and Commerce Advisory Board. Council and PACAB had a question: How do we attract fishing boats to Seward? The fishermen and women had an answer: build more infrastructure and develop marine service businesses. Seward fishermen have pressed for a public crane in the small boat harbor and may get one in a year or two, but they made it clear that a crane alone will not persuade fishing families to settle in Seward with their boats. Read the rest here 21:26

  • StripedBassHole

    Infrastructure is a good start. Safe refuge a huge plus. An awakening of AMERICA to the pitfalls of “THE OBAMA OCEAN POLICY” an Executive decision a true must… If it hasn’t already occurred there it will… All Americans need to know the “TRUE AGENDA” of this Executive decision. You won’t see it in the “NATIONAL MEDIA” like you do here, this is purposely a reality… America needs to “WAKE UP” and smell the “CHANGING TIDE”…