Squid status quo? Fishermen discuss future of livelihood

Squid fisherman Steve Axelsson wants regulators to be proactive and make sure that too many fishermen running out of other species to catch don’t start targeting his livelihood. One concern is that a collapse of ground-fish stocks in New England could lead many to start using their inactive squid permits. David Wiscott, another Port of Cape May fisherman, took the opposite stance. While squid is a major target for Alexsson, Wiscott mostly catches scallops but at times will go after squid. “What about squid vessels that don’t do good and jump back into scallops? I think it’s very unfair and I’m against it,” said Wiscott. Read the rest here 15:48

One Response to Squid status quo? Fishermen discuss future of livelihood

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    This system we have now pits fishermen against fishermen and those who seek to destroy this industry are playing this system to destroy it from within. The struggling fisherman is not your enemy, the government and its rogue agencies are the enemy. Environmental organizations backed by big oil have infiltrated these out of control federal regulatory agencies and won’t stop until big business rules the oceans. Don’t fall into their trap.
    The federal government has just released a report on how well fisheries are doing in America, all but patting themselves on the back for such a well done job.
    Well if they are doing such a wonderful job why are we importing over 90% of the seafood we consume in this nation? Does that sound like success to you?
    As the old saying goes….If we don’t hang together, we will all hang separately. And this is exactly what the regulators are hoping for. Enough is enough. Stand together and draw a line in the sand. Time to revolt against this system that seeks to destroy the American fisherman.

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