Carino not buying seals this year

Carino Processing will not be buying seal pelts or fat this year, but company CEO Dion Dakins says the decision is geared to improve the industry’s and the company’s viability in the years ahead. However, he said they will be purchasing a limited amount of seal meat from harvesters who are participating. As a result of the decision, Dakins said Carino has also decided not to access any of the $1 million loan announced last week by the provincial government. Read the rest here 20:01

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  1. Philip Lynch says:

    The seal industry is extremely sustainable and should be promoted as one of the best sources for things such as meat, fur, and oil which is high in omega-3, in particular in DPA, an omega-3 which is not commonly found in other fish oils. I operate the website in which I sell seal oil that is manufactured by Carino (although I am not the company itself). I promote the health benefits of seal oil on the website.

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