Looming cost of at-sea monitors could put N.E. fishermen out of business

Officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service said the money it had been using to pay for the monitors — trained workers who collect data on fishing trips — will be needed for other obligations. That means groundfishermen who catch fish like cod, haddock and pollock in New England waters will likely have to start paying the cost around August. The new expense is coming at a time when it could cripple the fishery, fishermen said. Read the rest here 13:08

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  1. Time for fishermen to man up and wage war against this regime that seeks to destroy them. Enough of this BS already. As with all things government the regulatory agency/industry is totally out of control. It has become a malignancy that grows and grows consuming everything in its path. $800.00 per day? Over my dead body. Civil disobedience is our only and last resort. Playing by their rules has taken us to where we are today. THE FIX IS IN, REVOLT OR GO OUT OF BUSINESS AND LOOSE EVERYTHING YOU’VE WORKED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE FOR.