Ignoring the instructions of Fisheries department 7,000 fishermen venture into sea sans permit

Ignoring the instructions of Fisheries department, over 7,000 fishermen ventured into sea in 1,400 trawlers without obtaining fishing permits on Friday night as the 45-day ban period drew to a close. The ban period ended on Friday midnight and the Fisheries department instructed fishermen to venture into sea on Saturday morning after getting permits, but the fishermen in Rameswaram, Mandapam and Pamban started from 8 p.m. on Friday. Read the rest here 09:37 Decision to resume fishing in TN, Puducherry decried 09:49

  • Joel Hovanesian

    Fishermen in the US should have the same amount of courage/balls and say fuck the government and their senseless regulations. Abide by the regs. that make sense and screw the rest. Let them try to put everyone in jail or take their boats. I’m becoming increasingly more hostile towards those who are destroying this nation and also the fishing communities. Excuse the language but that’s just the way it is!