Your View: Not all fishermen support Young bill, By Greg Walinski

We need to hang on to the fundamentals of the act, while improving monitoring, data collection systems — for both commercial and recreational fishing — and bycatch accountability. I recognize that this bill does create a good framework for the regional fishery councils to implement electronic monitoring and stresses the importance of cooperative research, but it also dismantles some basic requirements to achieve healthy fish populations by building in exemptions and loopholes. Read the rest here  11:15

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  1. borehead says:

    Tis true that not all fishermen support HR 1335, and its interesting that some like this writer, was part of a national coalition of catch share winners and their ENGO “partners” that found their way to Washington DC to lobby our representatives to keep the broken MSA, the favored by paid environmental groups that are in continuous sue and settle mode over many fishery issues, just as it is.

    Seafood Harvesters of America “National Outreach Days,” in Washington D.C.
    These guys like things just as they are. Broken for many, but perfect for the privatization/consolidation crowd.
    Support HR 1335

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Keep holding these prostitutes feet to the fire BH. Well done!

      • DANDOG says:

        This guy talks about protecting and sustaining healthy fish populations? He’s one of the cape hook guys who took full advantage of the “exemptions” and ” loopholes” that his organization set up for him. As soon as he could,him and his buddies filled their boats with gear and fished areas as hard as they could til there was nothing left. Bunch of lying BS artists! Bought and paid for by EDF

        • Joel Hovanesian says:

          Hell holds a special place for those who turn their backs on their neighbors and fellow fishermen. Karma will catch them sooner or later.

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