Oregon hunting, angling and commercial fishing fees will go up dramatically to feed a ravenous bureaucracy

Beginning in January 2016 and continuing over the next 5 years hunting, angling and commercial fishing fees will go up dramatically. A consulting firm hired by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates about 9,000 fewer people will buy fishing licenses because of the fee hike. Another 3500 fewer hunters are also predicted. “They’re going to take honest people and make outlaws out of us,” sportsman Jack Doner said. Read the rest here 14:47

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Brought to you by the same state that will be implementing taxation of its drivers by the mile, and let me go off the reservation in talking about this…….

    Better yet, the progressives are promoting this tax by the mile, not only in their state, but want the program which will be monitored through everyone having a GPS unit in their vehicle, to go NATIONWIDE, all in the effort to make it “fair” for all drivers. Isn’t this just dandy when we keep hearing others calling for “fairness?” Now is it fair to tax fishermen and hunters by raising fees so dramatically?

    So people here at FISHERY NATION, when will it stop? Why do we elect people to government who feel its best to take from those who produce, and give it to those who are not motivated enough to work for what they need in life?

    Why do we have people out there who want to ram-rod progressive policies down our throat, because they say it’s fair…

    Lets see what’s fair in their little progressive mind……

    It’s fair to take from your paycheck to pay for the mess we have in the Middle East with people who will take our heads off……

    It’s fair to take FICA deductions out when the program will be going bust in the coming years….

    It’s fair to allow illegals to be encouraged to come into our country…into our towns and cities, and the tax paying American has to pay for their housing, medical, schooling, free phones, EBT cards and given walk around money….

    It’s fair for politicians in Washington to just keep spending our way into massive federal debt that our children and grand children will be so burdened in trying to pay off….this with the US government breaking records each and every month in the amount of tax revenues collected.

    I see the constant bitching and moaning about the government doing this and that to the fishing industry….and we have allowed it to happen by electing those in state and federal government who talk a warm and fuzzy game on the campaign trail, and then go about bending-over the American people when it comes to tax policy, economic policies, social policies, what they have done to our returning veterans, and our nation security.

    We have states around this country like Oregon who have politicians that view American citizens as cash registers…income generators, and few of us go down to city hall or the state offices, organize and protest and tell the politicians if you even dare doing this, we are voting you out of office the next election.

    Oh, it’s just too hard to do, right? Look at California, the state that gave us Ronald Reagan, and now look what it has become…a damn progressive sinkhole where in a number of large urban cities, English is not the first language spoken.

    Bore Head, you posted a story here that should get everyone’s blood boiling, because the contagion of progressive policies will not be contained in that west coast state. It will spread since we have politicians in this country who believe in taking from those who go out there who struggle to pay mortgages and their kids going to good school, all to feed the progressive mindset which has become a cancer on a country that once gave us the Greatest Generation.

    The people there, should rise up and tell the politicians in Oregon to “go pound sand”…to put it nicely here. Screw your fee increase!

    When will it stop…where will it stop…and what country will we leave our children if we just continue to put into office some real pieces of left-wing human excrement…and that goes for both political parties in this country.

    I just don’t know….how many people have read or heard the stories about George Washington and the faith he had in fighting against insurmountable odds. But then again, there were men who knew their history…knew what government tyranny and oppression what mean to them and their families well being.

    We formed a nation that believed in the government fearing the wrath of the people, and made sure that we have a living document that protected personal liberties and rights. But we have lost our way, and it will continue if we allow it and we do not make a change this coming election.

    I have said my peace here, but just think about where this country is going all because of the poor choice people have made at the voting booth

    EC Newellman

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