Fight Back!!! Fisherman John Yates v. United States

On February 25, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that John Yates, a commercial fisherman, could not be prosecuted under a financial-fraud law [18 USC §1519] for catching undersized red grouper. 16:41

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    “If you have the ability to stand up and fight for something, you had better do it”
    That is the quote from Mrs. Yates at the end of this video.
    Think about this for a moment. Think about what these folks went through. The living hell that the government put them through. What has this nation turned into?
    And they speak of the crime of destroying evidence. Well what happened to the federal employee’s in DC who shredded documents WHILE UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION at the NMFS division of law enforcement? Answer, nothing.
    We live in a nation that now has separate realities for many of those who are attached to this corrupt body of agencies and lawmakers. Not separate laws. The laws read the same, THEY just don’t have to abide by laws. Where is the justice? There is none. Just as Hillary Clinton will go scot free for her lawlessness. If you are part of the ruling class of elitist you have carte blanche when it comes to breaking the law. This BS must stop.
    Wake up people

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Well said Joel but the reprobate and his minions in the White House are transforming this country into one where laws apply to some and selective prosecution to punish those outside their circle of trus, routine, and to be expected (see Senator Menendez, (D) NJ. for defying the administration).

    Fingers can be pointed at academia, the music, tv and motion picture industry, leftist organized unions and their leadership and as much the progressive print and network news media.

    Our nation is internally under attack with our border-less migration policies and this will result in a growing dependence society within the US, and where our native language becomes just one language among many…a designed nation of “Babel” where cities will have Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic becoming the dominant tongues spoken in many major urban areas.

    Again, who is to blame since you mention to “stand up and fight for something?”

    We know a good portion of the people who do vote, will pull the lever for the white collar Clinton crime syndicate, even with the continued drip-drip-drip of rogue activities being reported while she was the head of the State Department along with the pay for play financial shenanigans at the Clinton “shake down” Foundation. I don’t know what is more cringing then hearing about the total disaster of Benghazi, or the State Department on signing off in giving Russia 20% of our Uranium reserves (see: NY TIMES - )

    I am going to wrap this up by stating that we conservatives voted to send politicians to our state government and to DC to stop this unconstitutional government, and it seems once again many Re-pubic-hair Republicans along with the RNC have failed and lied to us.

    The list includes:

    – Big Boy from New Jersey, Crispy Creme who is a tough guy when it comes to nasty and rude talk to teachers at town hall meetings in the Garden State, yet failed to support Steve Loneghan to replace lefty demo-crap Frank Launtenberg. Hey Big Boy, why don’t you give another high-five and man hug to Jerry Jones in his sky box….

    – The RNC for giving zero support in the last weeks of the Virginia governors race to Ken Cuccinelli who came within a proverbial “whisker” from beating a Clinton-creep in McAuliffe…and do not believe the spin coming from the RNC on this!

    – The majority leadership of House Re-pubic-hairs for their support of one of the most unstable Speakers of the House in US history, John “the cryer” Boehner. People of the 8th congressional district in Ohio, please pull the lever for anyone else instead of this sellout embarrassment.

    – Mitch McConnell……Mitch, when another respected senator calls you out in an unprecedented Senate floor speech about the Senate Majority Leader for flat out lying directly to him, you have to realize that things are amiss in the back chambers of congress. Makes people back in Kentucky re-think their vote and send a cutie like Alison Grimes to represent their interests in DC. At least you know she is going to be a straight line Obomo-leftist voter.

    – The wacko-birds: McCain and Graham, and a putz in Bob Corker. Being a senate “wildcat” is nothing to be proud of, and your 2008 run for the White House was a crash and burn because of your antics (no pun intended for the old naval aviator). Lindsey Graham for the first words out of his pie-hole ever time being “I’m a conservative”, and then voting like a true-blue RINO. Corker…..a big fail with the Iran deal…and that’s not the first time either with being called out on issues (see and look at the date of this piece: )

    There are too many other Re-pubic-hairs to call out here, but you get the drift of why our country is slip-sliding away, especially when it comes to immigration policies, the budget, support of the Import-Export Bank, Iran, and lack of total strategy and cojones in allowing the reprobate to act like the Supreme Leader of our beloved United States.

    Enough said for now, but if you want to stop the sinking ship that the US seems to be heading, then vote out the long term incumbents. No more lifetime job-employment in DC!

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