Groundfish Monitoring: New England Council Seeks Initial Input on Amendment 23 at Six Scoping Hearings in March

The New England Fishery Management Council has scheduled a series of public scoping hearings from Maine to Connecticut to solicit ideas for potentially changing the region’s groundfish monitoring and reporting system.  The purpose of this initiative is to improve reliability and accountability of the monitoring program since successful management of the fishery depends on accurate and timely catch reporting.  The changes are being considered under Amendment 23 to the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan.  The Council is encouraging fishermen and other stakeholders to participate in this very early stage of the amendment development process. “The Council, fishermen, and the public recognize the groundfish monitoring program needs improvement,” said Council Executive Director Tom Nies. “This is the first and best opportunity for people to suggest ways to create a program that will give the accurate, reliable information needed to manage this fishery.” For locations, dates and times, click here 16:02

5 Responses to Groundfish Monitoring: New England Council Seeks Initial Input on Amendment 23 at Six Scoping Hearings in March

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    No meeting in RI? Why? Could it be the result of some traitorous bastards comments at the last groundfish meeting saying he was OK with having spies or camera’s on the boats? Be advised, that sell out piece of shit, EDF posterboy doesn’t speak for the RI fisherman.

  2. Rocky Novello says:

    At sea-monitoring , does not give a true picture of whats happening in our New England waters because OF THESE RIDICULOUSLY LOW QUOTAS GIVEN TO MOST FISHERMEN !! When a at sea-monitors is placed on a fishing vessel , most captains avoid catching fish ,because a vessel can catch his yearly quota of a species of fish in one tow ?? AT SEA-MONITORING AND WITH LOW QUOTAS DOES NOT WORK !!!! THIS IS JUST POOR MANAGEMENT AND OUTDATED SCIENCE THAT IS BEING USED IN THE COMMERCIAL FISHING INDUSTRY.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      And let’s not forget how it fattens a certain former regional administrators bank account. Can anyone say #cronycapitalism

      • Rocky Novello says:

        he makes the laws for us and laughs all the way to the bank !!!

        • Joel Hovanesian says:

          Similar to the insider trading deals that our federal delegations have. If you did what they do and were caught you would be thrown in jail. Just ask Martha Stewart.
          And they can’t understand why there is so much hatred towards the government.
          That swamp/cesspool can’t be drained soon enough.

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