No silver bullet Mr. Bullard?

My response to Mr. Bullard. (A Message from John Bullard, Regional Administrator – There Is No Silver Bullet for Groundfish). Mr. Bullard attends many meetings, and as he said himself, it is his job. Also his job is to see that fish stocks rebuild, however if we are to believe NOAA scientific data our cod stocks and flounder are in the worst shape under his administration, even though he imposed tough regulations at the fisherman’s expense without any consideration of their welfare. Instead of coming up with a solution that fisherman and government can live with, he discourage us that are still left in the fishing industry. He does not offer any remedy  for those that are left. He says we need more monitoring, but at who’s cost? He says we need more law enforcement. I can not see where any of this can increase the ground fish stocks. Now, I am not blaming him alone and rather than blame the government or our fisherman, lets look for an economic plan to see our fisherman make a living and a plan to see fish stocks increase. I gave my plan to our local politicians, that being the need for a Fish Bill. Like the Farm Bill, and yes they listen to but no one has taken the ball home! After a while, I feel discouraged and want to throw in the towel, but then I think, that is the easy way out. I find myself reading Fisherynation, Seafood news etc., to see what else NOAA going to throw at us! Maybe Mr. Bullard does not see a Silver Bullet perhaps we can open his eyes. Thank You for your attention Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Mass. 09:00

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Well said….but the problem is that Mr. Bullard has spent too much time commingling with those within Barry O’s swamp at NOAA and NMFS over the years. This has to be taken up by congress, but then again who can rely on any one in the House and Senate to write and support a ‘FISH BILL’ these days in DC?

  2. Rocky Novello says:

    Good letter SAM, Also Where is our New England Fisherman Protection Agency when fisherman need them ???

  3. william skrobacz says:

    As his predecessor has done as Ballard is doing,is leaving an industry in ruins. As the next wizard steps up!

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