EDF to partner with Philippine bureau of fisheries to implement fishing reforms

In a dramatic step forward for Asia-Pacific and global ocean conservation, the Philippines has begun implementing sustainable fishing reforms with Environmental Defense Fund serving as a partner to provide critical support on science and policy. The commitment was highlighted at the Our Ocean Conference in Malta, where the Philippines announced it would establish these reforms for its major commercial fisheries by 2022.  click here to read the press release 16:58

  • Theo P. Neustic

    Partnering with the devil

    • Borehead

      I doubt the Philippine fishermen will welcome the meddling of EDF. They should revolt, or decide up front who will remain standing. EDF is about eliminating fishermen.

    • Joel Hovanesian

      Take some advice from those who have had to deal with this scam of an organization. EDF reforms are the beginning of the end if you embrace their practices. DON”T DO IT!!