Feds intend to appeal forfeiture deal in Codfather case

Federal prosecutors are not going quietly in their quest to exact far more assets from convicted fishing mogul Carlos Rafael. The U.S. Attorney’s office on Wednesday filed a motion of its intent to appeal the court-ordered plan to seize only four of Rafael’s vessels and their accompanying 34 permits instead of the 13 vessels and accompanying permits sought in the forfeiture plan developed by prosecutors. click here to read the story 16:09

One Response to Feds intend to appeal forfeiture deal in Codfather case

  1. Geordie King says:

    Why only 4 vessels when many more were implicated in these crimes? What about the captains whom knowingly forged trip reports with false data to grease Carlos’ (and their own) heels. This dude should be referred to as the nodfather, not the codfather. He’s not even deserving of that name as he’s not a real fisherman; simply an investor. What a joke!

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