NOAA/NMFS Seeks Comments on Proposed Rulemaking for American Lobster Fishery

NOAA Fisheries seeks comments on the American lobster control date, changes to lobster trap gear marking requirements, and allowing substitute vessels to fish lobster traps for federally permitted but inoperable vessels. In accordance with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Addenda XXI and XXII to Amendment 3 of the Interstate Fisheries Management Plan for American Lobster, NOAA Fisheries may select January 27, 2014, or another date, as a control date for the lobster fishery, depending on public comment and input from the Commission. click here to read the press release 12:53

  • Rocky Novello

    N.O.A.A., ask fishermen for comments on many different fishing matters ?? , BUT ARE ANY FISHERMENS COMMENTS EVER BEING USED IN N.O.A.A.’S RULEMAKING PROPOSALS ?

    Hoping SO, but only N.O.A.A. KNOWS ? But fishermen , who make these comments Wonder ,??