Maine coastal town’s leaders vote to oppose offshore wind project

The St. George Select Board voted Monday to oppose an offshore wind project taking shape about 12 miles away, standing with local fishermen who say the project and its transmission cable would harm their livelihoods. The unanimous vote follows a recommendation made by an advisory committee created last month by the five-person Select Board to weigh the impact the Maine Aqua Ventus offshore wind project would have on the local community. “I think it’s a good idea we sever ourselves from [Maine Aqua Ventus] and that we support the fishermen in any way we can,” Select Board member Randy Elwell said Monday. click here to read the story 21:39

One Response to Maine coastal town’s leaders vote to oppose offshore wind project

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Fishermen, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Here in Rhode Island where this has been done, a transmission line runs through an area that mobile gear has been used for generations. The cable was supposed to be buried. However there were some areas where it couldn’t be done. Their solution was to install concrete mats over the transmission lines like the ones pictured in this attachment. http://www.subseaprotection
    Long story short, boats have lost nets, destroyed gear and all in areas where we have worked forever. We were told this project would not prohibit any of our activities in the areas where work was being done. I personally did major damage to a brand new net last summer and along with the others who have also done damage have received no compensation from these companies who claim to be “working with the fishing community”. We didn’t want it and were told a line of bull about how it wouldn’t interfere with our activities. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage combined when you add it all up and nothing from these people who are supposed to be working with us.

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