Industry Transformations

I used to jump like an electricians apprentice getting his first jolt every time I’d get an email alert from certain places. I’d drop everything and post it on newsvine, and in the beginning, fisherynation. I’m not so jumpy anymore. I got one today about The Gulf of Maine Research Institutes Trawl to Table rsvp for permit holders and Captains to rub elbows with chefs, restaurant owners, and food service professionals for the day. continued   link

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  1. I believe there is a small niche market for this sort of thing with smaller inshore dayboats who are not producing a lot of volume and bringing in product daily.

    With the larger trip boats with more volume the logistics would be more difficult to fulfill this niche. And don’t forget we need to be able to keep the infrastructure involved with fishing communities viable. And to do this there has always been a need for volume. Fish docks depend on volume for survival. Without it they will not survive plain and simple.

    Bottom line, there has to be a combination of all harvesting methods. The larger vessels make it all viable with the volume they provide for the consumer and the docks.

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