Green Insanity: Offshore Wind Project Cost Mind-Boggling $10K Per KW

Off of the shore of Block Island on the Rhode Island coast, five wind turbines are operating and supplying power to the island. It took years of state and federal policymaking, environmental impact assessments, and town hall meetings for the 30-megawatt wind farm to come to fruition due to its cost and degradation of vistas. It cost $300 million—$10,000 per kilowatt—about 10 times more than the cost of a new natural gas combined cycle unit. Further, it is 55 percent more costly than what the Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects a first-of-a-kind offshore wind unit to cost—$6,454 per kilowatt. >click to read<09:22

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  1. Barbara Durkin says:

    Great piece! Thank You!

    And what do we get in return for 10K per KW for offshore wind?

    Offshore Wind Industry Captain’s Candid Analogy on Offshore Wind’s High Cost & Technology Problems

    The founding president of the offshore division of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, Anders Søe-Jensen of Vestas, addressing offshore wind costs in 2011 stated:

    “It’s a bit like buying an old crappy car. It’s starts cheap, but spends most of the time in the workshop costing you a fortune, so you didn’t drive much, and your cost per driven mile is staggeringly high. It’s the same with the cost of energy when you look at capital expense and operating costs with overall production.”

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