AIS Inc. Wins Northeast Fisheries Five-year, $50 Million Dollar Observer Contract

AIS Inc., a scientific services company headquartered in Marion, Mass., has been awarded a five-year, $50 million contract to provide fisheries observers for federal monitoring programs in the Northeast. NOAA Fisheries has been contracting for fisheries observers in the Northeast since 1989. The work is fundamental to understanding and sustaining fisheries. AIS, Inc. is an experienced fisheries observer service company, employing people to monitor federal fisheries along the U.S. East Coast and in Alaska. Under this contract, the fisheries covered occur from Maine to North Carolina. >click to read<16:48

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  1. Just what are these fools observing? This program is yet another scam to make someone rich off the backs of industry while it slowly dies on the vine.

  2. Yup. For us its marine maammal patrol. just took an observer on two illex trips in a row,and had to answer the same questions twice.. guess 50 mil,cant afford ipads and collect a data base.. total joke.. and the coordinators are worse