At Sea on Taiwan’s Last Fire-Fishing Boats

It’s pitch black on Taiwan’s waters, and in a few minutes, all hell will break loose. A boom and blaze of fire explode into the night sky, followed by the sour stench of sulphur. Thousands of tiny, ray-finned sardines suddenly leap out of the Pacific Ocean—in a wild, graceless dance—hurling themselves towards the scorching flames. Meanwhile, fishermen work feverishly to scoop them up, before they plunge back into the sea. The scene is utter chaos. Traditional sulphuric fire fishing is a century-plus-old practice found only in Jinshan, a sleepy little port city near the northern tip of Taiwan. >click to read<20:25

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  1. sam parisi says:

    Dear readers we need a Fish Bill .please call your senators and ask them to surport a bill to help us before it is to late .Sam Parisi

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