Brant Rock Fishmonger gets ready to wrap up a long career

On any given day, Henry “Hank” Dunbar can be found in the same place: standing over a pine plank, filleting fish over a stainless-steel sink in the back room of the small, two-story Brant Rock Fish Market on Ocean Street. Dunbar’s age doesn’t show as he hauls hundreds of pounds of ice, bends over a 2-foot-deep cooler and sharpens filleting knives, but the 83-year-old fishmonger says his time running the Marshfield institution is likely coming to an end. “I probably put 80 hours a week into this place,” Dunbar said Friday as he filleted a halibut. “That’s getting to be a little much now that I’m upwards of 80 myself.” >click to read<12:37

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