Raimondo looks to further offshore wind, to fishermen’s dismay

Governor Gina Raimondo is promising a “greener” Rhode Island with at least 5,000 new jobs by expanding offshore wind initiatives if she’s reelected. “High-end, high wage jobs – Rhode Island ought to be the Silicon Valley of offshore wind,” said Raimondo. Raimondo eventually wants factories in Rhode Island to manufacture the equipment instead of outsourcing it. She plans to further invest in the state’s ports so they can handle the work on a larger scale. For Spencer Bode, a local commercial fisherman, this is a race he wants no part of. Bode hasn’t been impacted by the five turbines off Block Island, but the dozens more set to be built halfway between the island and Martha’s Vineyard are another story. >click to read<09:25

One Response to Raimondo looks to further offshore wind, to fishermen’s dismay

  1. Edward J Everich says:

    Why not say 10.000 new jobs or even make it 20,000 while you’re at it ! One job you can count on is the “snow job” from our double talking Gov !!
    Nice work Gina, fresh seafood and the fishing industry in trade for Wind , how much $$$$ is going into your campaign, follow the money. Shame on you and your puppets.

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