Are There Too Many Harbor Seals in British Columbia?

Earlier this year, Roy Jones Jr., a hereditary chief with the Haida First Nation, took a trip up the Skeena River, one of British Columbia’s prime salmon spawning grounds. Not far from the river mouth, he looked across the water at what he thought was a row of polished rocks. Then he pulled out his binoculars. “There were probably 120 seals lined up across that river,” Jones says. The seals were gobbling up juvenile salmon as the smolts made their way to the Pacific Ocean. It’s just one example of a problem that’s been growing up and down the coast, argues Jones, who recently co-founded an organization, to advocate for a cull of British Columbia’s harbor seals. A reduction in the harbor seal population is necessary to protect salmon species, some of which are highly threatened, Jones says. “We’ve got to do something, plain and simple.” >click to read<10:20

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  1. Peter Nelson says:

    Here is a known fact
    About wolves set balance around us
    When the wolves go fishing for hundreds of fish
    Only to leave them for others to eat such as bears Eagles Ravens and other animals that is the balance
    The wolves do not eat the carcass but they return I got a later time after they have been finished with the fish
    The Wolves only eat the skin because there is a lot of fat on there

    All right there understanding and belief this is where DNA, comes from, when the small fries go out to Ocean, (Man), gone to far, in short time, logging, railroad tracks, changing the environment

    Now getting back to the small fries, like bees, searching around their surroundings, plus the smell of there surrounding
    This is why they RETURN year after Year

    Echo again
    (MAN) today includes women’s too

    I don’t say this to be unkind words
    Truth been told.

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