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Editorial: NOAA no longer has an excuse for grant delays

gdt iconSix months ago, there was a glow of enthusiasm around the embattled Gloucester waterfront over the news that, while hardly meeting the full demands of the 1954 Saltonstall-Kennedy Act, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would kick in up to $11 million of its seafood tariff revenue to support innovative projects aimed at improving America’s embattled fisheries and dockside economies. Read more here 02:45

GDT Editorial: Warren right to note need for fishing aid beyond ‘loans’

gdt iconWhile our federal lawmakers join the push for offering federal Small Business Administrations loans to Gloucester’s and other fishermen (see news story, Page 1), it’s encouraging to hear U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren also concede that any such package would be merely be a positive first step toward the type of relief fishermen need. [email protected] 13:44