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Fish in the Northwest Atlantic Are Going Hungry New Science From Maine’s Department of Marine Resources Helps To Explain Why

We posted this link about Bigelow Lab and its phytoplankton surveys in the Gulf of Maine, conducted from the back of a truck while utilizing the belly of the Nova Star ferry to do its work. This was an important story that took a back seat to the unbelievable Gulf of Maine Cod survey (click here) , and its predictable affects. Dozens of articles have been spawned because of it. This article (click here), written by John Johnson on Wed Sep 7, 2011 and the Bigelow Lab article should be read to understand the complexities of the situation, and point out the simple minded notions of the Pew/CLF groups are hyperboly, at best.  22:10

Bigelow Lab in the summer found a record-low growth rate for plankton, a crucial food source.

In recent years, the researchers have measured a fivefold decline in the growth rate of phytoplankton, an indication of lower levels of the critical single-celled plants at the bottom of the marine food chain. Because phytoplankton are food for fish larvae, a lower abundance of phytoplankton could mean lower numbers of adult fish populations years from now, Balch said Based on measurements this year between June and September, however, the growth rate of phytoplankton is on pace to be at the lowest level since 2001. Read the rest here  08:24