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Navitus Bay Wind Park – The Community Wins.

Navitus bay wind park – nearly 200 massive turbines threatening to scar the Dorset coast is no more. There is a possibility the developer (NBDL) may try a Judicial Review. But even if they win it is a long way back. I think it is worth looking at this heroic community defence against a foreign corporate giant. A giant who had effectively limitless resources, yet still failed. So why was Navitus Bay rejected while most other coast-scarring monsters have had the go-ahead? A major reason Navitus Bay was rejected had nothing to do with the amount of seabed damage,,, Read the rest here 22:29

Wrecking the Sea Bed with Offshore Wind (Part 4)

cape-wind-power-farm-b1Potentially, for the 213 turbines plus three substations a met mast and other assorted sea bed scrapings, the amount of displaced spoil comes in at well over one and half million tonnes. Even if they end up with a significant number of turbines that use foundation techniques that generate less spoil it is highly unlikely that the amount of seabed spoil will ever be less than about 1.2 million tonnes. Read [email protected] 18:08