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Drunken Fish? Lost at Sea? Rising carbon dioxide emissions pose ‘intoxication’ threat to world’s ocean fish

Researchers have found that carbon dioxide concentrations in seawater could reach levels high enough to make fish ‘intoxicated’ and disoriented many decades earlier than previously thought, with serious implications for the world’s fisheries. “Our results were staggering and have massive implications for global fisheries and marine ecosystems across the planet,” says lead author, Dr Ben McNeil, of the UNSW Climate Change Research Centre. “High concentrations of  cause fish to become intoxicated — a phenomenon known as hypercapnia. Essentially, the fish become lost at sea. Read the article here 16:27

Scientists fear for Alaska’s king crab fishery

New research earlier this year shows that Bristol Bay red king crab – the supersized monster that has come to symbolize the fortunes of Alaska’s crab fleet – could fall victim to the changing chemistry of the oceans. Barring a hasty reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions – or evidence that the creatures could acclimate to changing sea conditions – a team of scientists fears Alaska’s $100 million red king crab fishery could crash in decades to come. [email protected]  12:18