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F/V Flyin Tiger catches fire in the Dillingham boat harbor

The drift boat Flyin Tiger caught fire at the Dillingham boat harbor late Thursday morning. The fire was put out quickly, and there were no injuries. Volunteer firefighter Ron Bowers was one of the first on the scene. “When we first pulled up, heavy smoke was coming out of the wheel house of the boat. A couple other boats were rafted in the neighborhood, and we were very concerned about that. We found a couple guys, crew members, that were trying to put it out. They’d inhaled a little smoke, so we got them taken care of,” says Bowers. click here to read the story, more images 10:35

Commercial fishing boat catches fire in Moss Landing Harbor

Moss-Landing-Boat-Fire-3-jpgA 55-foot fishing boat named “Bev A” was heavily damaged by a fire in the Moss Landing Harbor. Harbormaster Linda MacIntyre said the fire may have started in the engine room and later spread to the wheel house. Multiple agencies were called out to prevent the fire from spreading. Details are sketchy! Link 18:59


Docked fishing vessel Sylvia Lyn II catches fire, sinks in Cook’s Harbour

RCMP in St. Anthony responded to a call around 7 p.m. Friday that a fishing vessel had caught fire at the Cook’s Harbour wharf on the Northern Peninsula. The Cook’s Harbour fire department and St. Anthony fire department were both on the scene when police arrived. Police say the nearly 20-metre fishing vessel, named the Sylvia Lyn II, caught fire around 5:30 p.m. while docked at the wharf. No one was aboard the ship when the fire started, and crews worked for hours to extinguish the fire. Read the rest here 13:10

Gulf of Mexico natural gas well catches fire on Tuesday evening

BSEE said  the well ignited at 10:50 p.m. Tuesday and that the source of the ignition remained  unknown on Wednesday morning. Jim Noe, an executive vice president with Hercules Offshore, said on Wednesday morning that the well was about 8,000-feet below the surface of the seafloor. [email protected]