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Search and Rescue crew describes dramatic rescue of five fishermen

He was battered and sent flying by huge waves — and the first man to rappel down from a search and rescue helicopter northeast of St. John’s Sunday wondered how he was going to pull the mission off. Crew aboard the 103 Search and Rescue Squadron Cormorant helicopter managed to pull five sealers out of the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday, battling high waves and winds. “I would get smashed by the wave, and then the cable would go taunt, and I’d come flying out of it, all while trying to get close to the man that was in the water,” said Sgt. Damien Robison, the first technician to go over the side of the helicopter, trying to hoist up the five sealers. continue reading the story here 11:09

Rescued crew headed back to sea to retrieve vessel

Some members of the crew of the Northern Provider who were rescued Sunday morning are headed back to sea today to bring home their boat. The five sealers, who had left Carmanville in the vessel Feb. 27, ran into some dangerous stormy weather and were forced to call for help at about 150 nautical miles outside St. John’s. On Sunday, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax released a video of the dramatic rescue, which saw the men forced to jump into the freezing water one by one before being hoisted up into a helicopter. Cormorant and Hercules helicopters and two Coast Guard vessels attended the rescue. None of the sealers, who are from Summerford, New World Island, were seriously injured. link 08:49