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Crab task force opts to continue waiting ‘for the good of the industry’

The 2015-2016 commercial Dungeness crab fishing season is officially a salvage operation, but beleaguered fishermen must wait at least another week before they can get to work. During a Tuesday conference call, the Dungeness Crab Task Force unanimously recommended keeping the commercial crab fishing season closed until remaining test sites along the California coast produce sample crab containing safe levels of domoic acid. The recommendation to wait, which reflects input from representatives of crab fishermen, crab processors, sport fishermen and environmental organizations, will be presented to California Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Charlton Bonham, who is expected to make a decision in the next few days. Read the rest here 18:04

“The crab are out there, but you have to work this year. This year, experience is going to pay,” – The Coos Bay World: Expect Great Crab, OK Season

A commercial crab fishing season that was delayed for two weeks is drawing mixed reviews in the opening days. The quality of crab is great, experts say, but for fishermen and processors the season may be just average. [email protected]  19:30