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Rockland survivor of fishing boat sinking says father-in-law saved his life

1379498_656693397708420_670800009_nA Rockland fisherman credits his father-in-law with saving his life when the commercial fishing vessel the two were on sank three miles off the coast of Rockport, Mass., on Friday night. David Oakes, 46, of South Thomaston died, Knox County Sheriff Donna Dennison confirmed Monday. Later on Monday, Oakes’ son-in-law Jason Randall credited his father-in-law with saving his life. [email protected] 18:59

Edited: With Sadness and Regret. Fisherman David Oakes of South Thomaston Maine

1394468_656424637735296_964145650_nIt has been noted that Fisherman David Oakes of South Thomaston Maine has passed. It appears he had acquired the F/V Terra Nova, and was excited to be bringing her home. David “Oakesey”  Oakes was living a dream. The father of five, grandfather, son, uncle and friend of many many people was bound for Rockland Me on his big dragger F/V Terra Nova with son in law Jason Randall.

An entry on David’s Facebook page on Oct 24th said, “on my way to glouster to get my big dragger whooooo” . Excited he was! The published report at uscgnews told some of the story, but didn’t tell the whole story.

Sadly, the rest of the story is one of tragedy.
They had departed Gloucester with no indication of anything of concern out of the ordinary.
Around 20:30, the Coast Guard received a call on Channel 16 that the vessel was taking on water when they discovered six feet of it in the flooding forecastle. They relayed that the pumps would not keep up with the flooding.
David Oakes and Jason Randall donned their survival suits and abandoned the sinking vessel. As they were getting ready to go over the side, Jason lost his footing and David Oakes grabbed him, and tossed him towards and over the rail before he jumped.
It is believed he was pulled under as Terra Nova slipped under the waves and into the darkness of the Atlantic, three miles East of Cape Ann.
It was mentioned that he had a head injury, possibly receiving it when he was sucked under as the vessel went down.
David is being credited for saving his son in law, Jason Randall.
He is survived by his mother, four daughters, a son, and three adoring nieces
More information when available.  A Fisherman’s Song for David Oakes. 21:43 edited 10/27/2013 21:24