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NOAA research ecologist suggests, As climate change alters the oceans, what will happen to Dungeness crabs?

dungeness-crabIn my day job as a research ecologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center, I study how changes in seawater’s acidity from absorbing carbon dioxide in the air, referred to as ocean acidification may affect the success of recreational crabbers like me and the fortunes of the crabbing industry. Contrary to early assumptions that acidification was unlikely to have significant effects on Dungeness crabs, we found in a recent study that the larvae of this species have lower survival when they are reared in the acidified ocean conditions that we expect to see in the near future. Our findings have sobering implications for the long-term future of this US$170 million fishery. Ocean acidification is a global phenomenon,,, Read the rest here 11:03

Oregon and Washington delay crab season because of toxin

dungenesscrabOregon on Friday delayed the Dec. 1 start along its entire coast, after testing in recent weeks showed higher toxin levels in the southern half of the state. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials said delay of the season will allow completion of additional testing to make sure toxin levels are safe. And in Washington, officials on Friday also said they’re delaying the season along parts of the coast where it starts on Dec. 1. Read the article here 11:13

Good to Go! – There will be Dungeness crabs for the holidays

Commercial crabbing will open Dec. 1 off the coast of Oregon, Washington and Northern California. In order for the season to open, crabs taken in sample fishing must meet criteria for the percentage of crabs that have filled their shells after the most-recent molt. In past years, commercial openers have been delayed because crabs didn’t meet the standards. Read the rest here 11:49

Oakland couple fined, sentenced to jail for poaching dozens of Dungeness crabs in Half Moon Bay

A pair of poachers was sentenced to jail time and fined more than $20,000 Wednesday for smuggling dozens of Dungeness crabs in hidden compartments on their boat off the coast off Half Moon Bay.  Read more here  10:03