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IJMS Editor’s Choice – are fisheries scientists best utilizing research based on knowledge of fishers?

yA review of over 500 research outputs analysing fishers’ knowledge shows that their experience is not regularly being given due consideration by fisheries scientists. This is despite a growing number of researchers believing that referencing fisher experience might help them to facilitate improved ecological and socio-economic outcomes for marine and freshwater fisheries. Read the rest here  Read this letter. It addresses this issue. 17:49

Pacific Tuna Stocks Have Plummeted, Scientists Warn – fished relentlessly for decades, in trouble.

A report issued this week  by fisheries scientists on behalf of fishing nations, including the United States and Japan, shows that decades of uncontrolled overfishing have left stocks vulnerable, with conservationists warning that there is a real possibility of their collapse. The fisheries scientists, working for an organization known as the International Scientific Committee to Study the Tuna and Tuna-Like Species of the North Pacific Ocean, spell out the crisis in unusually stark language. Read more!

Dick Grachek- Pew laboring overtime on Tuna, in the Biblical sense. Read more