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DFO contemplating sweeping North Coast salmon fishery closure

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is strongly considering a total shutdown of all chinook and sockeye fishing on the North Coast. The potential 2018 fishing ban will include all First Nation food, social and ceremonial harvesting; all commercial operations; and all charter boat and recreational angling. Even the possibility of such a closure, several groups say, is nothing less than devastating. ,,DFO has been meeting with First Nations, recreational and commercial committees to determine if the closures for both sockeye and chinook are even avoidable.>click to read<17:51

Rhode Island Commercial Summer Flounder Fishery Closure

Effective 0001 hours November 14, 2017, fishing vessels issued a Federal moratorium permit for the summer flounder fishery may no longer land summer flounder in Rhode Island for the remainder of the 2017 calendar year. The 2017 commercial summer flounder quota allocated to Rhode Island has been harvested.  This closure is concurrent with the State of Rhode Island’s closure of its commercial summer flounder fishery to state permitted vessels and dealers. click here to read the notice 08:42

Shrimp Down, Lobster Up: Is There a Connection?

But there’s another part to this story, a somewhat different kettle of fish, but still relevant. A Lobster Tale  If Maine shrimp is a delicious coastal treat and a small but important food fish, Maine lobster is world-famous and a point of state pride and identity, even  — and an economic force for the state. Read [email protected]  18:02