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Hampton Roads – 12 people lose fishing licenses following “serious violations”

Twelve people across Hampton Roads had their fishing license revoked for “serious violations” in January and February.  The Virginia Marine Resources Commission filed the violations at its January and February meetings, said spokeswoman Laurie Naismith. Violations include Convictions of giving a false statement/altering a fishing license, one count of failure to have an approved receptacle for sewage disposal on board an oyster harvesting vessel, failure to report mandatory harvest reports and three counts of forging a public document, and so on. Read the rest here 22:03

Petition: Revoke Jim Pattison’s Canfisco’s parasitic monopoly of fishing licenses

6fcafc93-3242-4e3e-a84d-23c8e9b6c3e4The largest salmon cannery in Canada, owned by one of Canada’s richest men, Jim Pattison — is closing its processing plant in Prince Rupert, leaving 500 people out of work. Now, workers in Prince Rupert are demanding that the federal government revoke the fishing license for Canfisco and instead give these licenses to local fishermen to create local jobs. The fish caught off the coast of BC should create jobs in local BC communities. If Canfisco won’t create these jobs, then they have lost the social license needed to keep their fishing license. Read and sign the Petion here 10:23