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Fisherman blames factory freezer trawlers for shrimp decline

SHRIMP-master675Roland Genge, a fishing boat captain and the deputy mayor of the town of Anchor Point on the Northern Peninsula, has been predicting a change for years, and believes someone should have known there would be damaging effects of trawlers on the inshore fishery. “I’ve been writing (about this) since 2008,” the 38-year veteran shrimp fisherman explained. “I told (the government) where it was going to be to today. “It’s devastating to our area. You’re going to kill all the communities with this.” Predictions of the state of the shrimp fishery were made public earlier this week when the Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) in a press release (here) The union has been told the shrimp biomass is down about 40 per cent. Read the rest here 08:52

It’s Thanksgiving in St.Johns for these Sailors, a Community Outpouring! – Ship has arrived in heaven

A couple of weeks ago, a news conference was held at the Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) office to let people know the crew members are in hard shape. “They said they feel like their boat has docked in heaven,” says Geanine Mulrooney. “I couldn’t get over that there were 11 men next door to where I grew up and they were literally starting to starve,” says Mulrooney. Read the rest here 07:36

Potential big cut in Newfoundland inshore shrimp quota may create huge controversy

maine shrimpWhile most of the North Atlantic stocks of Pandalus borealis (coldwater or northern shrimp) have been eaten away by resurgent cod, in the last decade the shrimp stocks off Newfoundland, Canada, have been at very high levels. In most areas of the North Atlantic, shrimp stocks are declining. In Greenland and the Davis strait, there should be a reduction of about 20,000 metric tons in 2014. Read more here  undercurrentnews.com 08:10