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Opportunit​y to Comment on Proposed Management Measures for Groundfish Fishery for 2013: DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS IS APRIL 15, 2013

Today, NOAA Fisheries is officially announcing several new management measures for groundfish.
These measures include, among other things, recommendations by the New England Fishery Management Council and a joint US/Canada management body, for catch limits for fishing years 2013-2015 for Northeast groundfish stocks.
 As previously conveyed, substantial reductions are proposed for both Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank cod and six other stocks. Catch limit increases are being proposed for several other stocks including healthy redfish and pollock.  We are also proposing to allow some fishing on Southern New England/Mid-Atlantic winter flounder in 2013, but at levels that will continue to prevent overfishing.  According to Council analysis, access to winter flounder should generate an estimated $5.4 million in additional ex-vessel revenue for the fishery.
 To learn more about proposed measures and how to provide public comments on these proposed measures click here. The deadline for submitting public comments is April 15, 2013.

Cape fishermen dubious of latest catch report –

CHATHAM — A report released earlier this week by the National Marine Fisheries Service shows landings of bottom-dwelling fish were up for the 2011-2012 fishing season in the Northeast, but Cape fishermen say the numbers don’t reflect the current scarcity of fish in New England waters. The report, issued Wednesday, compared the fishing year that ended April 2012 to the two prior. The combination of rising prices paid to fishermen for catching groundfish, which include cod, haddock and flounder, and increased landings meant that revenue was also higher than in the past three years, the report states. Read More