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Hawaii fishermen paying Guam $200K to fish 2,000 metric tons of Guam’s bigeye tuna quota

Honolulu-Fish-Auction-Bluefin-TunaGuam is getting a $200,000 financial benefit from Hawaii-based longline fishermen who have exhausted multiple catch limits for tuna, or ahi, this year. By allowing Hawaii longline fishermen to catch ahi in Guam’s name, there will be a record of bigeye catch for Guam. Having that record may help ensure that Guam’s quota won’t be taken away in succeeding years — in the event future generations of Guam fishermen would have the capability to catch bigeye tuna, Duenas said. Read the article here 14:57

Enviros Upset! Hawaii-based longline fishermen allowed to keep catching ahi

Hawaii TunaRegulators have approved a deal allowing Hawaii fishermen to attribute up to 1,000 metric tons of bigeye tuna catch to Guam, said Mike Tosatto, National Marine Fisheries Service regional administrator for the Pacific Islands. Environmentalists say the arrangement contributes to the overfishing of bigeye tuna in the western and central Pacific. Environmentalists argue this enables fishermen to circumvent international agreements aimed at controlling overfishing of bigeye. yeah yeah. Read the article here 08:45